Blantyre Events

Blantyre Events

Notable Events that have occurred in Blantyre through the ages

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Key: Photos attached to Article camera-film-icon Video This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 Article in Blantyre Project Books
Installing Drainage and Water – Blantyre water supplyx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ejecting Miners from Homes – No tolerance policy x1
Reformation in Blantyre – The troublesome 1500s x1
The Origins of Blantyre – A 1634 map with old names x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
The Bannockburn Connection – Thomas Randolph x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
A Town, not a village – cleared up once and for all x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Discouraging Blantyre Children – education before sportx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
The Checkweigher’s Fortune  – A brief accountx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
The Checkweigher’s Fortune – A detailed account x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Too big salary for wee lassie  – 1951 wage dispute x1
Fly Tipping continues – Local problem with refuse x3
The Blantyre Riots – Riots of 1887x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Truck System Tokens – Colliery tokens x1
Spooning on the Tramcars – Lovers outing x1
The Ma Robert Departs – Livingstone’s expedition x2
Ref EVT0013 The Blantyre Explosion first hand x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0014 The Blantyre Co-operative Society x3 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0015 Blantyre Co-operative Tokens x1
Ref EVT0016 Blantyre men at Waterloo x2 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0017 Blantyre Changes 60 years x1
Ref EVT0018 David Livingstone Centre trees x3
Ref EVT0019 Dad the Dodger x2 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0020 Of what use is money? x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0021 Bride to be disappears x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0022 Blantyre Golf Club x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0023 Slop Warning under Roads Act x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0024 Old Woman Spinning x1
Ref EVT0025 St Joseph’s kids “sink uboats” x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0026 A.R.Ps working in the dark x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Ref EVT0027 The Dalbeath Blantyre Monument x2
Ref EVT0028 Remembering the Explosion x1
Ref EVT0029 Robertsons Bottle Collection x1
Ref EVT0030 Blantyre Gala Floats x1
Ref EVT0031 Thornhill Football Club, Blantyre x1
Ref EVT0032 Blantyre described in the 1880’s x1
Ref EVT0033 Blantyre Pit Rescuers names 1877 x1
Ref EVT0034 Blantyre Vics vrs Parkhead Football Club x1
Ref EVT0035 Colins Milk Bottle Collection x4
Ref EVT0036 Accomplished work of Livvy Lad x4
Ref EVT0037 Livingstone Memorial at Victoria Falls x1
Ref EVT0038 Bringing back Livingstone from Africa x1
Ref EVT0039 White Lady ghost stories comments x1
Ref EVT0040 David Livingstone Online x1
Ref EVT0041 Blantyre Lennox MA – connections? x6
Ref EVT0042 Blantyre man saves the day x1
Ref EVT0043 Blantyre man’s exhaustion fraud x1
Ref EVT0044 Chieftain Bus to Blantyre x1
Ref EVT0045 Blantyre Vics 1930s x1
Ref EVT0046 Vertical Sliding Wooden Windows x1
Ref EVT0047 Lamp Lighters – seasonally paid work x1
Ref EVT0048 The Rocksox – History of local band x1
Ref EVT0049 Triennial Review – 1961 to 1963 Part 1 x1
Ref EVT0050 Triennial Review – 1961 to 1963 Part 2 x1
Ref EVT0051 Halloween, when it was proper scary x1
Ref EVT0052 Sunset on 28th September 2015 x18
Ref EVT0053 Blantyre Halloween 1982 x1
Ref EVT0054 Blantyre outing to distillery x1
Ref EVT0055 Northern Lights over Blantyre x3
Ref EVT0056 National Quoiting Game 1933 x1
Ref EVT0057 Unemployment Concerns (and solutions) 1933 x1
Ref EVT0058 No boots for children x1
Ref EVT0059 Migrants dumped back in Blantyre 1933 x1
Ref EVT0060 Blantyre Celtic Match 1933 x1
Ref EVT0061 Blantyre hosepipe bans 1955 x1
Ref EVT0062 Getting ready for Halloween x1
Ref EVT0063 Blantyre Prefabs & Tehrans x4
Ref EVT0064 The Canadian Blantyre x4
Ref EVT0065 Missing Blantyre colour film x1
Ref EVT0066 1977 Thomsons Christmas Party x2
Ref EVT0067 Christmas comes early to senior citizens x1
Ref EVT0068 Tale of Two Christmas trees x1
Ref EVT0069 Cherish every moment x1
Ref EVT0070 Lack of Training amongst miners x1
Ref EVT0071 Worried about Drunkeness x1
Ref EVT0072 Blantyre Poor in snowy midwinter x1
Ref EVT0073 Blantyre Miners Union 1897 x1
Ref EVT0074 Remembrance Day 1942 x1
Ref EVT0075 Blantyre Miner’s New Year x1
Ref EVT0076 Blantyre German Congregation x1
Ref EVT0077 Annals of Blantyre 1885 x1
Ref EVT0078 Old Style Cage Bins x1
Ref EVT0079 Blantyre Womens Volunteer Service x1
Ref EVT0080 Blantyre New Year 1933 x1
Ref EVT0081 A Dangerous Practice x1
Ref EVT0082 Squatters in Condemned houses 1933 x1
Ref EVT0083 Fog, Signals & Simple pleasures x1
Ref EVT0084 Kingfisher’s Return to the calder x2
Ref EVT0085 Last of the Cage Bins x1
Ref EVT0086 Coal Bunkers x1
Ref EVT0087 Unknown Blantyre betting man x1
Ref EVT0088 Record Population 1922 x1
Ref EVT0089 Horrors of the Tawse x1
Ref EVT0090 Rolls Royce 1955 strikes x1
Ref EVT0091 St Josephs Football Team x1
Ref EVT0092 Glasgow Tram Crash x1
Ref EVT0093 The Knocker Upper x3
Ref EVT0094 Mining & The Truck System x1
Ref EVT0095 Welcoming in 1932 x1
Ref EVT0096 News from 1932 x1
Ref EVT0097 ISS over Blantyre x1
Ref EVT0098 Forgotten Blantyre names x1
Ref EVT0099 Sale of Blantyre Lands 1598 x1
Ref EVT0100 Lord Blantyre’s Art collection x1
Ref EVT0101 Blantyre Celtic Football Club x1
Ref EVT0102 The Blantyre Crowd 1930 x1
Ref EVT0103 Blantyre Aerial Photos x2
Ref EVT0104 Vain Wait for Minister x1
Ref EVT0105 Cheating the gas meter x1
Ref EVT0106 Two Blantyre paintings x1
Ref EVT0107 Death follows a knockout x1
Ref EVT0108 Blantyre Cosmos x1
Ref EVT0109 Early Blantyre Quoiting x1
Ref EVT0110 Blantyre boys find x1
Ref EVT0111 No games on a sunday x1
Ref EVT0112 More Blantyre Ontario x3
Ref EVT0013 Anxiety for Blue eyed girl x1
Ref EVT0014 The 1878 Dixons Pit Accident x3
Ref EVT0015 The Brownies – Blantyre x3
Ref EVT 0016 Matt Boyles Football Team x1
Ref EVT0017 Coalmen of Blantyre x1
Ref EVT0018 Chelsea Boys Club 1982 x1
Ref EVT0119 Blantyre Telegraph x6
Livingstone Folk Four – Blantyre Band x11
Ref EVT0121 Mary Queen of Scots Visit – At Dysholm x2 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Old Parish Church Girl Guides – 1956 Girl Guides Photo x1
Late 1950’s Old Parish Sunday School  – shared by Elizabeth Weaverx1
Population Triples – Population triples due to coal miningx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
The Priors of Blantyre – For reference x1
List of Blantyre Priors – From Harry Doyle x1
Thomas Potter – Blantyre Anzac Remembered x3
Residents of Shuttle Row 1901 – Census info for Shuttle Row x1
1960 St Joseph’s Womens Guild, Blantyre – shared by Gerry Kelly x1
Will work for buns – A boy lured to work for nothingx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Blantyre women – A Mystery photo from 1931 x1
Communist Blantyre – 1920s x1
Drumhead Service 1929 x1
Lost on the Golf Course – 1929 x1
1975 Perpetuating myths – wrong assumption x1
David Allen & Sons – Billposting in Blantyre x1
Calaterium – historical reference x1
Catholic Burials – at Dalbeath 1877 x1
Blantyre Cinema – History of 7 cinemas x1
Robertsons Bottles – collection x4
Dux Awards – Various Blantyre accolades
Blantyre Celtic – unseen photo x1
The Naked Feedback – local band x1
Blantyre’s Educational Roots – education x1
Lord Blantyre’s Erskine House – History x2
Blantyre fermtouns – Beginnings x1
Former Streets of Blantyre – my list x1
The Gazette – history of Cliffords newspaper x1
Australia Scotland – links x1
Local Workless Parade – 1928 x1
County Road Gangs – laying chips x1
Blantyre Place Names – insight x1
Blantyre Heritors  – a history x1
Vintners – wine merchants x1
Relief of Ladysmith – 1900 x1
Swimming Pools – Blantyre x4
Scout Camp – Inverary 1947 x3
Ancient Order – Hibernians x1
The Gaelic League – Blantyre x1
Bible & Bethany Hall – High Blantyre x2
Blantyre Buses – a detailed history x7
The Blantyre Blues – from Jim Donnelly x1
Limepits – Blantyre limestone x1
Limestone – more about Blantyre limestone business x1
Lennoxlove – Lord Blantyres estate x3
Lake Nyassa – note by Livingstone x1
Blantyre Markets – history  x1
Population of Blantyre – records x1
Blantyre Farming – and Agriculture x1
Pamphlet – to incite 1928 x1
Hamilton Combination Poorhouse – history x4
Blantyre Ploughing Society – organisation x7
Blantyre Youth Council – history x1
Glenlee Primary School – 1918 x1
Emigration to Canada – 1927 x1
Coal Slump forces pub closures – 1928 x1
Miss Roxburghs – Majorettes 1979 x1
Merging Disaster Funds – 1927 x1
Blantyre Alsation Dog – Club x1
David Livingstone – by Thomas Hughes x4
Wilburnsilver – Blantyre band x3
School Festive Holiday – 1917 x1
The Squirrel’s Tale – sneak preview x1
Miners outing – to beach x1
Blantyre Heritage Group – Timetable 2017 x1
Blantyre Aerial – from 1947 x1
Indignation Meeting – 1877 x1
Rolls Royce Cars – in Blantyre x1
Remembering Livingstones Birthplace -article 1927 x1
Blantyre Round Table – 1980s picture x1
Blantyre Cubs & Brownies – 1949 x1
Blantyre Swimming Club – 1986 x1
Hamilton Tablet – for Livingstone 1913 x1
Calder, Cawther or Cawder – survey x1
Belisha Beacons – Traffic collisions x1
1982 Blantyre Cosmos – photo x1
1909 Old Age pensions – Committee x1
Robertsons – Interesting find x2
1967 Blantyre News – roundup x1
1967 Blantyre News – more roundup x1
Calgary Kilt Skate – Canada tradition x2
Blantyre, Australia – for sale x5
Blantyre – assault on Blantyre trees x1
1967 Blantyre news – further roundup x1
1967 – a week of Motor Accidents x1
Miss Fair Lady Contest – 1967 x1
Interesting Photos – 1965 x2
Miners turn to School Strikes – 1926 x1
Use of old Railway Carriages – 1926 x1
Roman Bridge – at Strathclyde Park x1
Blantyre Children Rhymes – Part 1 of 3
Blantyre Children Rhymes – Part 2 of 3
Blantyre Children Rhymes – Part 3 of 3
Did Blantyre coin this phrase – Riot
Gird n Cleek  – brief historyx1
Tyre – Bogey Carts x1
Blantyre Boys – at the fair x1
Blantyre – Gala Royals 2017 x1
Aerial Photos – by Alex Rochead x17
Jardines – Vics Medals x1
1926 Dustman’s Strike – binmen x1
Blantyre Oscars – 2017 x65
Broom – all around Blantyre x2
Lodge Livingstone – 1967 night out x1
Blantyre Greetings Cards – new! x3
1978 Travel Club started – pensioners
1978 Civic Week Gala – winners x1
Blantyres Overlaid Railways – my map x1
1978 Ending Pigeon coops– A Farewell Doo  x1
Postcards – from Germany x1
Blantyre 450 Exhibition – ends x2
1978 Blantyre Scouts – photo x1
Blantyre RC High School – 1978
1978 Blantyre Conservatives – Society x1
Blantyre Jam – from Milheugh brambles x1
Blantyre Parish – An explanation x2
Blantyre Boundaries – we’re NOT an island x2
Hydrangeas – growing in Blantyre x2
Blantyre & Whitehill Accies – Football Team x1
Milk Pails – discussion x1
Blantyre Markets – history x2
Blantyre & Blantyre Park – Toronto x1
1880’s Blantyre Pattern – plate x2
Blantyre Celtic – 1959 x1
Priory Colts FC – Football club x1
Blantyre Karate Club – 1978 x1
Walter Stark’s – Mining song x1
Blantyre AMS – Football Team x2
1967 Blantyre CC – Football Team x1
Monteith History – a new book x2
Quick Questions – Poplar Place and Cloudhowe
1980’s – Anybody recognise? x1
Blantyre’s Roman Catholics – brief history x1
Blantyre Population – some statistics x2
Blantyre Whos Who – photo x1
John Ogilvie – 5th Year pupils 1980 x1
Karate Championships – held in Blantyre x1
Review of 2017 – by Blantyre Telegraph
Livingstone Medical – Certificate and Letter x2
Storm – that saved a city 1968 x1
Who’s this man? – unknown identity x1
Blantyre Oscars 2018 – charity evening x1
Quick Questions – Tony the Tinker, Boating Pond, Apollo, Buses x1
Mystery Tram – Blantyre tram in Burnbank x1
Communion Tokens – 1718 x1
Co-op Central Premises – carving x1
The Blantyre Monument – Erskine x1
Blantyre project in Zimbabwe – book x5
Archie’s Bucket List – Adventures around the world x6
Blantyre Postcards – Karen Scotts x1
Butcher Bird – in Blantyre x1
Accounts for Blantyre Roads – 1859 x1
Co-op metal token – date unknown x1
Dodge City – Mount Vernon x1
Weavers – Back on Main Street x2
Ward 15 – redefining Blantyre x1
Livingstone’s Memory – honoured x1
Keep Scotland Beautiful – collective entry x1
1979 – Blantyre Politics x1
1979 – Blantyre Round Table x1
Quick Questions – columba club, Craig Brown, UWS x1
1970’s Hector Powe – dance x1
Livingstone – by Tim Jeal x1
1979 – Sports Presentation x1
WW1 – Tanks  x1
Snookie – didnt like Blantyre 1967 x1
Blantyre Project Books – in Korea x1
Christmas Eve – Bible Presentation x1
Quick Questions -Priory Bridge, Tenements, Trees
Victorians – More fun than we thought? x1
Tuberculosis – in 1921 Blantyre x1
Blantyre – Queensland, Aus x11
Look back at 2018 – x1
Miss Advertiser – 1980 x3
Lanark Loch Outing – 1910 – x1
Blantyre’s Latitude Surprise – fact x1
Infant Mortality – 1918 x1
Millennium Photos, 2000 x5
Adopting Roads, 2000 x7
Population & Employment – Stats x2
John O Neil’s Lammpost – snippet x1
Back in time – where would you go? x1
Master of Blantyre – first edition signed x3
Earliest mention of Blantyre – 1240 charter x2
Quick Questions – various subjects
New Lanark – The Herald’s Error x1
Blantyre Video 2001 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly x1
Blantyre Estate – Brisbane, Queensland x2
Little Miss Veverka – Agatha Christie x2
Blantyre Round Tablers – 1980 x1
Pensioners Meals – Blantyre Round Table 1980 x1
Moon Landings, 1969 – Veverka and Duncan x4
Blantyre ASDA Santa – 1980 carpark x1
Early Blantyre Surnames – origins x4
Witchcraft – 1677 to 1697 x2
1967 Blantyre Thistle – Football Team x1
Gala Floats – Warning from YMCA x1
1930′ and 40’s – Notebooks x5
1930’s and 40’s more notebooks x5
Happy Halloween – readers x2
Potted Heid Rap – video x1
Blantyre Sign – Queensland x1
Bothwell, Tasmania x3
Lithuanian Incomers to Blantyre – 1917 x1
Blantyre Football Team – 1900s x7
Muir Street Day Out – Family trip x1
Hamilton Poorhouse – children removed x1
Child mortality, 1916 – documented x1
Char-a-banc Mishap, 1916 x1
Pensive Girl – Blantyre photo 1900 x1
Blantyre Silver Band – photo in field x1
Outlander – filmed nearby x1
Delivery Services – Milk x1
Delivery Services – Post x1
Various People – Blantyre Photos x10
Ritchie family visit Ayrshire – 1905 x1
African Burns Supper – 2020 x3
Bells Visit, 1980 x1
Old Style Driving Licences – remember these? x2
Blantyre Majorettes – High Blantyre Park x3
Gala Day Crowds – Station Road
Jack Horner Playgroup – 40th Anniversary x1
High Tea – anybody? x1
Searching the River – Calder x1
Hawk Moth – strange creature x1
Blantyre’s Forgotten Grasslands – photos x40
British Summer Time – Blantyre tale x1
Schooling Observations, 1916 x1
A Society wedding – 1905 x1
1967 – News roundup x1
1967 – More news roundup x1
Presentation to Glasgow – Park statue x1
Unknown Blantyre Woman – photo x1
Head Teachers – at Calder Street School x2
Here is the news – March 1968 x1
Elmwood School – photo x1
Blantyre Scouts – photo 1925 x1
Blantyre Scouts – photo 1955 x1
Girl with a dog – unknown location x1
Blantyre – footballers x1
Shinwell Cup– St Blanes v David Livingstone x1
Blantyre Minstrels – photo 1898 x1
Alarming Motor Accident – 1915 x2
Boy and Girl–  in field. Photo x1
Pickards Waxworks – advert x3
Glasgow Smallpox Scare – 1950 x1
Slips of Different kinds – Betting 1913 x1
Earliest Blantyre Tram – sketch x1
Me, off to School, 1975 x1
Poultry Farming x1
Mystery building x1
Mystery group  x1
1940’s Mystery photo x1
1950’s Mystery photo x1
1920’s Mystery photo x1
1910’s Wee tots at window x1
1910’s Mystery photo x1
1920’s Mystery Photo x1
1930’s Mystery Boys x1
1920’s Mystery woman x1
1920’s Mystery Group x1
1920’s Men at Brick Building x1
1937 Mystery location and people  x1
Blantyre Bogeys are back  x3
VE Day – Celebrations x1
Two Blantyre Lads – 1959 x1
Blantyre Tram – photo x1
Territorial Army – 1960s x1
Blantyre Bookie – remains amused x1
Blantyre School – 1940 x1
Pipers, Cows & Superheros – bizarre week x1
Any ideas on location? – photo mystery x1
Priory Motor Club – business x1
Free Books – for Blantyre Schools x1
School Board – Any other business, 1910 x3
Sign of the Times – Overcoat thefts x1
G Harper Wallet – Nostalgia x1

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