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Massive archive to be explored, especially Stories and Photos sections. The detailed story of the lives, accomplishments and adventures of the people of Blantyre is slowly being compiled in the forthcoming massive book, “Blantyre People – Souls Honoured” by Paul Veverka (c) 2020
The story of Blantyre People

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Photos of Blantyre People

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Blantyre Ancestry

Exploring the Ancestors of the People of Blantyre. A hobby of mine! 12 Articles

Blantyre Ancestry

Heroic, selfless, kind charitable, brave Blantyre people make it here! 0 Articles

Blantyre Ancestry

The A-Z of Blantyre People through the ages. Handy Reference Tool.  0 Articles


The A-Z of Blantyre Businesses through the ages. Handy Reference Tool. 0 Articles


Popular Blantyre Entertainers and Bands from all decades. 0 Articles

blantyre sportslegends

Sports Legends of Blantyre Remembered

sports clubs

Sports Clubs of Blantyre through the ages


Heritors of Blantyre (prominent Landowners)


Famous Blantyre People


All about the Owners of Blantyre’s Former Estates

blantyre organisations

Various Organisations within Blantyre’s History


Blantyre Trades and Work Professions explored in detail

Wedding Photos

Blantyre Wedding Photo Archives

It is the kindness and strength of the people of Blantyre that make this a community I’m fiercely proud of. Friendship, generosity , character and selflessness that has established who we are. Blantyre Project aims to engage with anybody with Blantyre connections and tell their stories, share their photos and help them with ancestry. This archive is added to daily.

Copyright notice: All articles may be printed off for offline use copyright free. Where any of these images or words are intended to be published online or in books, please strictly contact me first for permission. Due to continued copyright theft, Mr Bill Sim is strictly prohibited from using any research on this site. These are Blantyre Project words and will not appear on other sites or books. Thanks.

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