How bizarre

OK , so not Blantyre related, but worth showing. I had to double take when I saw this, but it IS a genuine photo captured in local newspapers of the time. The late Sir Roger Moore as Bond in 1977, sitting reading his “Hamilton Advertiser” on a break whilst filming “The Spy who loved me”!!

What the ?!! The things i find whilst researching Blantyre. I can imagine the film set back then…..

Director: “OK Mr Moore, we’re ready on set for you again. Its time to roll”
Roger: “Calm yer jets….am jist catch’n up on whits goin oan in Blantir.”


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  1. A coop de grass thair fur the HA photographer!!

  2. I think a lot of stars read local newspapers when they are on location, so they can get a feel for what’s going on in the local area, so they can reference it in interviews and the like.

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