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Did you know that in 2007 when Ward 15 (Blantyre) was reviewed by the then Community Council…., Auchentibber, Blantyre Industrial Estate, Priestfield Industrial Estate, parts of Whistelberry Road, Park and Parkneuk were all moved rather quietly, at least on paper and reclassified as “HAMILTON”!?

I recently learned this after becoming annoyed at companies clearly within the old Blantyre Parish being called Hamilton, eg. UWS Hamilton, Redburn Hamilton, Audi Hamilton.

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Blantyre’s Boundaries changed as a direct result to suit the amount of Councillors within it. It was that action which started confusion in postcodes and boundaries. I’m so annoyed at this and feel it gives away parts of Blantyre Heritage to other towns.
With the abolishment of Civil Parishes in 1975, Blantyres boundaries were determined by Community Councils in the shape of Wards. This was a rather complex system and indeed Hamilton County Council once managed parts of Blantyre too.
However, it was the assignment of Ward 15 made smaller in 2006/2007 which has removed many familiar place names from Blantyre territory. Im told it was that reason that Blantyre Community Council couldn’t get involved in the restoration of Auchentibber Memorial, as its not in their ward! Priestfield Industrial Estate, Westcraigs, Whistleberry Road, Whistelberry Industrial Estate, parts of Springwell, Auchentibber, Sydes Brae, Park, Parkneuk, Calderside…..all Hamilton.
The north part of the map still has boundaries in our rivers. However, shifting the river and field boundaries to the south, boundaries that have existed for Centuries seems criminal, especially if it was done for political management and i think certainly for historical analysis, leaves Blantyre with a stripped, loss of identity. The south boundary is now the East Kilbride Expressway.
So, there you go! Be mindful, that boundaries now change with the side effect making things more complex,  that population size changes too! If comparing population from 2007 onwards to anything previously recorded, we’re not comparing “apples to apples”.
I couldn’t even start complaining to the council, having to accept that this has been the situation for well over a decade and is reviewed by Councillors each year.
I will say this though, it doesn’t change the facts of history, these places that were in Blantyre, in some cases for centuries. Blantyre Project looks at all the places in the pre 1975 Blantyre Parish, a much larger area than Ward 15.
Just try telling people in Westcraigs, Auchentibber, Sydes Brae or Blantyre Industrial that they now live in Hamilton, and see what reaction you’ll get!!
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Linda O’Donnell We’re in the industrial estate but still under g72 maybe that’s why no-one knows how to get to us with deliveries you would think it would be a different postcode then
Scott Mackintosh The g72 postcode was used as a way to cheat the system by house builders and local authorities g72 was classed as an area of deprivation and as such house builders could obtain land to build houses on at a reduced rate this happened from 1997 till 2005 it allowed builders to receive subsidies from the Scottish Government at the time it also had reduction in the stamp duty payment to encourage house buyers.

Frank Welsh To be fair half of West Craigs was in the Hamilton boundary in the 50s

Blantyre Project that is true indeed. The gorge containing the Redburn just beyond the initial shops was the boundary.

I have the utmost respect for Redburn Farm Inn, for this week upholding the complaint about them being now “in Hamilton” and removing “Hamilton” from their business name online. They’re just “Redburn Farm Inns” now, recognising their restaurant is on the site of the Blantyre disaster.

Its a shame that some of the river and stream boundaries have been ignored this last decade and that almost the entire south boundary of Blantyre is now officially the EK Expressway.

It may seem petty or even unimportant to some, but with incoming companies calling themselves Hamilton, it is sad fact that modern generations will just accept that and thats the danger of Blantyre identity and heritage being eroded.

Jessie Caldow I’m astonished to learn that these Council members have the political power to have done this. What about Burnbank? is it considered Hamilton now too?

Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre We don’t have any authority in this matter Jessie. See my link below.

Kkaren M Nnelson Around 2000 I stayed in Stewart Avenue – off Burnbrae Road, which was in the Burnbank ward. Apparently

Fiona Dunlop I work on whistleberry Rd and I’m Hamilton postcode but the Blantyre sign is about 200 yards along the road weird!

Eoan Kerr So the entrance to Dixon’s Pit is no longer Blantyre?

Cllr Maureen Chalmers SNP Ward 15 Blantyre I agree that boundary changes don’t seem to respect traditional community/ town boundaries, perhaps because they have a specific purpose set in legislation.

http://www.lgbc-scotland.gov.uk/See more

Marian Maguire If we all withheld our council tax, a bit drastic I know, Until this was restored. Maybe then it would let councils know the depth of feeling of residents of blantyre. It’s disgraceful who do they think they are?
Chris Ladds That’s really going to confuse anyone visiting Blantyre Muir…. 😯 to be honest the traditional parish boundary coexists to define an area, and people’s memories will not.die a swift death – it is just that the council use a ward system to suit their own jurisdictions- it does not make it not Blantyre- but I agree it undermines the ancient parish’s identity. They are all philistines anyway …

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