Quick Questions

Need your help. I genuinely don’t know the answers and looking for some comments, advice or suggestions. A few subjects I’m looking to fill in some blanks on my notes, all Blantyre related:

1. The RUINED CALDERGLEN CHAPEL, once in the woods near end of Kirkwall Avenue, Priory Bridge. I have lots of history for it, except knowing what year it was completely removed. I suspect late 1980s, or 1990. Any ideas?
2. The FLYING ANGELS were a gymnastic troup at Calder Street. Any idea what years, who was in the group, who taught them, where they practised? I suspect late 1960s but not sure.
3. Rev MALCOLM ANDERSON…the current minster…what year did he arrive at the Congregational?
4. Does anybody have any memory of PEDALO BOATS at Stonefield Public Park prior to the early 1960s? eg were they there in the 1950s?
5. Are there any ANDERSON SHELTERS (WW2 corrugated tin rounded shelters) left today in any Blantyre Gardens?
6. Former ANGIE’S CAFE or ICE CREAM PARLOUR on Glasgow Road (Gilmours Buildings near Richardsons the Butchers). Demolished in 1979, can anybody describe what it was like inside?
7. What year did APOLLO BAR in High Blantyre actually close as a pub?
8. ARSTOUNE MYLNE – is noted in the Glasgow Protocol Records of 1557, as being a mill in Blantyre owned by Patrick Miller. The location is likely now lost. Does the name “Arstoune” mean anything to anybody in Blantyre, e.g house names, area etc.
Plenty for now! Look forward to your comments making it clear which item you’re referring to. Thanks for your help.

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