Christmas Eve Bible Presentation


Antique-Bibles-tOn Christmas Eve 1877, a meeting was held in the Stonefield Mission House, the purpose of which was to present 300 bibles to the Blantyre Disaster Widows and orphans. Grief was still apparent, only 2 months after the disaster that claimed over 200 men and boys.

The bibles were donated by the National Bible Society of Scotland and were well bound. Each carried the same inscription, “Presented by the National Bible Society of Scotland to _________ one of the sufferers of the sad explosion at High Blantyre Colliery 22nd October 1877. There was a large attendance and Rev Stewart Wright of High Blantyre chaired the meeting. It was hoped the bibles would be prized and well read, “brighten up dark homes, cheering up lonely hearts with a message of love and mercy.”

Long lists of women , then children were read out and thanks were given to the Bible Society. I wonder how many of these bibles are still in Blantyre homes, in attics or shelves, without people realising the significance or importance of them.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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