Weavers back on Main Street


Today, I was pleased to welcome 2 lovely people originally from Blantyre over to my home for a blether. Siblings Elizabeth and Brian Weaver grew up in Victoria Street and later at Craigmuir Road next to Blantyre Old Parish Church, but had both moved away.

They were back visiting Blantyre, a return to their old ‘stomping ground’ and had arranged to meet up with me, together with Bonnie Blantyre ‘bee’, Susan Lindner Kelly.

Sitting out in the sunshine we had a good chat about Blantyre days gone by. Some people will no doubt remember Elizabeth and Brian’s mother (Jean Weaver) who once had a shop at Main Street, near the corner of Cemetery Road.

A pleasant couple of hours was spent. However, their visit also had another purpose. After sitting in the sunshine with tea and cakes, we all went eastwards a little along Main Street to the exact grassy spot of Jean’s former shop, where Elizabeth and Brian have donated 2 amazing new wooden planters. Helping to make Blantyre more beautiful they also serve to commemorate their mother’s efforts at that very location all those years ago.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said

Mary Higgins Very kind of them x

Elizabeth Weaver Thanks for the lovely welcome, Paul and Susan. Thoroughly enjoyed our walk down memory lane (and the tea and cakes!)

Rosalyn Faulds Shows how long it’s been since I’ve been back. I didn’t know your mother’s shop had been knocked down.

Elizabeth Weaver No building there at all now Rosalyn – just grass and trees.

Agnes Hynds Seen this couple today taking pictures while I was parked up with my pupil on her driving lesson, hope you both enjoyed your day x

Elizabeth Weaver It was a great day, thanks. A bit of my heart will always belong to Blantyre. We have great memories of growing up there!

Etta Morrison Lovely gesture..x

Jim Selfridge Brian Weaver I seem to remember you living in the timber houses across from kirkton avenue

Brian Weaver Victoria Street and then up by High Blantyre church, Jim, but I’m sure our paths crossed many times.

Henry Hambley Great way to remember your mother and all she did for High Blantyre.

Laney Wildman Welcome back I remember shops there or my gran talking about them and thank you very much for the planter and plants xxx

Elizabeth Lovatt Jean and my mum were school friends and we both lived on Victoria St. we above the bridge and the Weavers below the bridge. My mum was also Jean (Shanks then married to Bennoch ) I was dressed from Jean’s shop all my childhood. So nice to see Brian and Elizabeth back on Main Street and the donation was a lovely gesture.

Elizabeth Weaver We remember your family too, Elizabeth. Yeah, there were a lot of kids in High Blantyre wearing Kiddiwear clothes back then! (Including us, of course )

Elizabeth Lovatt Too funny…..but it was quality back then….lol

Debbie Irving The planters are beautiful x

Sally Jamieson I remember that shop well and Jean she was lovely. The good old day right enough!x

Eleanor Connor Awwww…that’s a lovely story.. a refreshing change.

Margaret Henry How lovely for you both to be back in high Blantyre with all those memories. I remember your mother’s shop, did she have a Vauxhall Cresta? Margaret Henry (Dorricott)

Elizabeth Weaver Hi Margaret – we remember the Dorricotts too! We had a Vauxhall Wyvern first and then a Vauxhall Velox – so nearly right. Hope all is well with you and yours x

IrenePaul ScottSmith Lovely gesture Liz And Brian. We will go to see it next time. X

Mary Sitters Am sure your Mum and Dad would be pleased.
Jackie MacDonald Re my mum saying everything she bought for us was from Jean Weaver.s shop. My gran owned the grocer shop on corner of main st & cemetery rd. we also stayed there before moving to Camelon Crescent like many of the families who lived there in early 60.s.

Helen Lawson Taylor Planters beautiful,thankyou for them and ther flowers x

Jean Gibson What a lovely thing to do. Remember the shop as my grannie lived in Nursery Place.

Elizabeth Weaver Mum never saw Kiddiwear as work – she enjoyed every minute there, and loved getting to know the customers as friends. Older folk may remember she always had a chair sitting just inside the door, to encourage people to sit for a blether. We used to go to the wholesalers with her sometimes and she knew exactly who she was buying clothes for – she’d have a particular child in mind for each coat, for example. She was usually right, too 😁 It wouldn’t work now in a world where people expect endless choice, but it was perfect for the post-war days. She’d have been thrilled to think some people still remember her and her shop, so thank you.

Heather Campbell Great photo and great contribution


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  1. Can anyone tell me how these beautiful arrangements are maintained?

    1. Archie – All the beautiful displays being put up are maintained and watered by local volunteers, many of them living close by. Having seen all this in action this year, i want in next year and hope to contribute towards that.

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