Snookie didn’t like Blantyre



Next, a bit of a tall tale to believe, but was reported nonetheless. Will leave it up to you as to whether it was possible or not.

In 1966, when the Drovers family moved from Kelso to Blantyre, they brought their cat ‘Snookie’ with them. Shortly after, the cat sneaked off, went missing and the Drovers family spent seven months thinking they would never see ‘Snookie’ again.

However, one day in 1967, Snookie turned up at his old home in Cessford, Kelso almost 100 miles away, safe and sound and wanting into his old home! Mrs Molly Drover, who lived at Craighead Farm told reporters, “We thought we’d seen the last of him, but a former neighbour in Cessford told us that he had turned up. We wondered if it was really him, but the markings were identical. Furthermore, Snookie sat in between my neighbours two dogs, something she always did.”

The Drovers went to Cessford and confirmed it really was Snookie, who was delighted to see them again. However, they felt it better to leave Snookie with the neighbour at Cessford, just in case he set off on 100 miles adventures again!

What do you think? It is possible for a cat to travel 100 miles or so back to a former home?

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