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Historical and Contemporary Pubs & Clubs in Blantyre, Lanarkshire

An accurate list and definitive history of all 79 Blantyre Pubs, by their names, past and present is compiled here by Blantyre Project, telling their stories in detail, something never been attempted before. (Although other Blantyre Historians in the 1990’s have listed out about 30 before but put no history against it.) With 17 further Clubs and 4 Hotels, for the first time, exclusively researched here, a definitive detailed history of Blantyre’s Pubs & Clubs is told with fact, often illustrated, accessed below.

A illustrated, detailed history of all Blantyre’s Pubs and Clubs is being compiled for release in the forthcoming book, “Blantyre – Pubs & Clubs” by Paul Veverka for release in the near future.


1. The Cornerstone – Blantyre Main Streetx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
2. Sheriffs Pub and Bruce’s Pub – formerly of High Blantyre x3
3. Logan’s Public House – formerly of High Blantyre x5
4. Steele’s Public House – formerly of High Blantyre x3
5. Downie’s Public House – formerly of High Blantyre x2
6. Caledonian Bar (The Heilandman’s Bar) – formerly in High Blantyre
7. Carrigan’s Public House – Main Street x1
8. Victoria Bar – Main Street
9. Vals Public House – Main Street
10. Macs Bar – in former Spiers Building
11. Bruce’s Pub – Main Street
12. Caledonian Bar (Heilan’mans) – Main Street
13. Shank’s Public House – Main Street
14. The Red Lion Bar – Main Street
15. The Kirkton Bar or Kirkton Vaults – Main Street
16. Strang’s Pub – Main Street

High Blantyre
17. Auchinraith Vaults – Main Street
18. Matts Bar – Main Street
19. Athletic Bar – Main Street
20. The Plough Inn – Main Street
21. JB Struthers – Main Street
22. The Apollo – Main Street x1
23. Blantir Inn – Main Street
24. Whistleberry’s Pub – Main Street
25. Columbella Bar – Main Street
26. The Rendezvous – Main Street x1

27. The Red Burn Farm – At Priestfield / Hillhouse Rd Pt 2 x3

28. The Larkfield Bar – The history of the pub x3
29. Finbars – Broompark Road
30. The Manhatten – Broompark Road
31. John Carrigans Blantyre – on Broompark Road
32. Carriagns Blantyre – new development
33. The Cross Keys – Larkfield
34. McTavish’s Public House – Larkfield
35. The Doon Inn – Broompark Road
36. Papa Franks – Broompark Road
37. The (new) Larkfield – Broompark Road

The Village
38. The Village Bar – at Station Road. Brief History x6

39. Blakely’s Bar – at Causeystanes x4
40. The Causeystones Public House – formerly at Broompark Rd x1

 Low Blantyre
41. The Central Bar – formerly at Glasgow Road x6
42. The Cosy Corner – Glasgow Road pub at corner Greenside St x3
43. The Volunteer Arms – formerly on Glasgow Rd x3 glasgow
44. The Cross Guns – former pub on Glasgow Rd x3 glasgow
45. The Blantyre Arms – at Stonefield x1
46. Robertson’s Public House – Anderson’s Buildings
47. The Winks Inn – on Glasgow to Hamilton Road x3 glasgow
48. Fallon’s Bar – Glasgow Road
49. The West End Bar – Glasgow Road corner of Bardykes x9 glasgow
50. The Priory Bar – Glasgow Road corner at Logan Street x5 glasgow
51. The Wellington Bar – Glasgow Road north at Clark Street
52. Stafford’s Bar – Glasgow Road
53. Livingstonian or Livingstone Bar – Glasgow Road at Forrest St
54. The Tap Shoap – Glasgow Road at Forrest Street
55. Sprott’s Public House – Glasgow Road at Elm Street
56. The Smiddy Inn / Smiddy Bar – Glasgow Road at Elm Street x5 glasgow
57. The Castle Vaults (Black Diamond) – Glasgow Road at John St
58. The Ale House – Nimmo’s Buildings, Glasgow Road South
59. Masterton’s Pub – at Clydeview, Glasgow Road

60. The Barnhill Tavern – Bardykes Road
61. The Hoolets Nest and later Hoolets – Bardykes Road

62. Bell’s Pub – at Allison Place, across from McCaffries
63. William Harvey’s Pub – At Henderson’s Buildings
64. Horseshoe Bar or Kelly’s Pub – At Henderson’s Buildings glasgow
65. McCaffrie’s Pub – beside Robertson’s Factory
66. Cobbler’s Pub – at Elm Street

67. John Struther’s Pub – History Priory Inn Part 1 x1
68. Murdoch’s / Pepper’s Pub – History Priory Inn Part 2 x1
69. Commercial Bar – History Priory Inn Part 3 x15 Photo
70. The Priory Inn – History Priory Inn Part 4 x22
71. Clive Place – The Craig family former pub x5 glasgow
72. The Old Original – corner Stonefield Road x8 glasgow Photo
73. Stonefield Tavern (Teddies) – Glasgow Road x1 glasgow
74. The Red Lion  – Stonefield Road
75. The British Workmen’s Public House – Stonefield x1

76. Springpark Pub Auchentibber – and Leggat Ancestry Pt 2 x14
77. Peasweep Public House – former Blantyre pub x1
78. McIntyre’s Inn – at corner of Parkneuk
79. The Auchentibber Inn – owned by JBH Struthers

1. Auchinraith Social Club
2. Bananas
3. Blantyre Bowling Club
4. Blantyre Celtic Club
5. Blantyre Vics
6. Blue Moon
7. Caspers
8. Columba Club
9. Corner Pocket Snooker Club
10. Hastie’s Farm
11. Miner’s Welfare
12. Rascals
13. Stanley Hotel
14. St Josephs Hall
15. Union Jack Club
16. YMCA Social Club
17. Ziegfields
18. Miners Welfare

1. Crossbasket Castle – Stoneymeadow
2. The Parkville – Glasgow Road
3. Red Stones Hotel (formerly Whistleberrys) – Main Street
4. Livignstone Hotel (formerly Whistleberrys & Red Stones)

1. Robert Thomsons – Hunthill Road
2. Rankin’s – Glasgow Road

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