Keep Scotland Beautiful

Beautiful Scotland Competition
Tomorrow is the BIG day! Thursday 9th August 2018 sees judges from “Keep Scotland Beautiful” arrive in Blantyre to judge our town’s collective entry into the 2018 “Beautiful Scotland” competition.
For many weeks, loads of volunteer work has been carried out behind the scenes to make Blantyre as beautiful and inclusive as it can be. It’s been a lot of work for these volunteers and SO refreshingly amazing to see all the amazing things that’s been achieved in Blantrye over the last year.
The main applicant is Bonnie Blantyre who drafted a wonderful application which will be judged tomorrow. The judges will be touring several places in Blantyre and meeting and greeting some of the volunteers. Supported by organisations Blantyre Community Committee, Blantyre Telegraph, Blantyre Oscars, Blantyre Community Council, Blantyre Project and TACT Healthy Park, representatives from all these organisations will tomorrow, aim to impress the judges and maximise Blantyre’s score.
The Community will have seen beautiful flower planters go out to all the shops, areas tidied up, litter picks, planters on railings and at pubs, engagement with all the schools and children, the excellent sunflower competition, involvement from elderly and care homes, beautifying High and Low Blantyre, the wonderful pit bogeys planted up watered and cared for, the festive event, a brilliant summer gala weekend at a new venue, an outdoor 80s party, protection of heritage and history, up to the moment community news, community gardening projects and celebrations of all thats great about Blantyre with official recognition where its due to people of all ages, all backgrounds in our own glitzy Oscars event! We’re sure you’ll agree…we have AMAZING people in this community who do all this, with maximum dedication, huge effort for no reward, just to make life in Blantyre a bit brighter.
The role Blantyre Telegraph has played in this has been small, but we look forward to participating further with preparations in place with amazing banners, slides, photos, newsletters and stands!
The Competition
Beautiful Scotland is judged according to the three pillars of horticultural achievement, environmental responsibility and community participation, all aspects which can be found within many of these community groups and organisations. We’re sure you’ll agree there is wonderful volunteer work taking place in Blantyre just now, so hopefully we stand a great chance for a successful outcome.
It’s breathtaking what can be accomplished when all these organisations and others come together for the benefit of ALL the community.
Well done to everybody involved in pulling this together and GOOD LUCK!

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