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Blantyre Events

Click above image to Access 33 Notable Events that have occurred in Blantyre

Blantyre Streets

An Archive of 15 Listings of all Blantyre Streets past and present

glasgow road

Unprecedented massive archive, uniquely researched. Every building, ever on Blantyre’s Glasgow Road in detail


Early detailed Beginnings of Blantyre by Paul Veverka


An old rich & detailed History, before coal, before tenements


Contemporary Account of `modern Blantyre by Paul Veverka


A detailed account of Blantyre, planning for the future (c)


Blantyre Road Accidents through the ages, by Paul Veverka (c)


Blantyres Fires, lost lives in flames – by Paul Veverka


The Blantyre Works Village – a detailed history, rise and fall


The story of the National Shrine to Explorer David Livingstone

shuttle row

Shuttle Row – from beginnings until museum created in 1929


Growing up in Blantyre, a collection of childhood memories


Blantyre’s land, geology, weather, flora & fauna – listed


Our own History & learning Video Modules in video


Other Blantyre related Interesting Videos (by others)

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