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a) Have the the 2 Wind turbines at Calderside been removed?
b) Are teaching jobs being lost when UWS move to Blantyre from Almada Street, Hamilton?
c) Anybody heard whats in store for the former, derelict Columba Club in Coatshill?
d) Former Scotland Coach Craig Brown used to be a (PE?) teacher in High Blantyre Primary on Hunthill Road in the 1960s, but did he ever live in Blantyre? For some reason I was thinking it was Rutherglen?

Thanks in advance.

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Joan McLaughlin I’m sure Craig Brown went to Hamilton Academy with my mum so possibly was a local
Anne Cook Craig Brown was my P6 teacher at High Blantyre Primary !!
Alan Smith Me also. I remember that he had the stiffest belt know to man which he wore on his shoulder under his jacket to facilitate the fast draw. He was brutal!
Anne Cook Alan Smith I was a good girl !!!!lol

Anne Cook Alan Smith Aye Damn it !!

Emma Reilly I heard a rumour that it’s going to be flats that get put on the Columba Club site 🤔
Elizabeth Weaver According to Wikipaedia (if that’s a source you trust ), “Brown was born in Glasgow, but brought up in Hamilton”. I know both he and Jock Brown, his brother, went to Hamilton Academy.
Anne Marie Murray Columba club was sold to a developer for houses flats.
Blantyre Project thanks Anne Marie. Is this definitely confirmed. I know it was a rumour for a long time.

Anne Marie Murray Yes it is true.

Donna Sutherland Where will UWS be in Blantyre?
Emma-Louise Hay Up Sydes brae I think. Not exactly sure where.

Caz Lyn Clark Donna it is now open at the international park nearest traffic lights going towards the express way

Paddy Neil Hamilton Technology Park

Liz Miller Living the dream!

Andy Bain Don’t think there were any plans to access Uni’ via Sydes Brae, only by going up the avenue at traffic lights.

Jean Gibson Craig Brown was brought up in Hamilton. He trained as a PE teacher but worked as a Primary teacher because the PE route was the only way into Primary for men. I was in his class when I was a trainee teacher in 1966. He left quite soon after this.

Blantyre Project thanks Jean. Excellent. I have a good photo coming up of his PE class.

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  1. Alan Smith – you are on the money – Craig Brown was Brutal – was not impressed with him in P6 at High Blantyre..

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