Blantyre Oscars

oscarsThe Blantyre Oscars” is a fantastic annual glittering extravaganza for the town of Blantyre, South Lanarkshire!! Celebrating local Music & Entertainment, Local Business, Youth Organisations, Environmental Pride, Inspirational Individuals and Heroism & Kindness in our community.

The event is organised exclusively and entirely by Paul Veverka not just for the purpose of celebrating these accolades achieved by Blantyre people of all ages, but also to raise money for local good causes. More information at the official Oscars website at and nominees to date summarised as below:

BLANTYRE OSCARS 2019 – Will be held at the end of March 2019

BLANTYRE OSCARS 2018 – This event has now passed
Category 1 Music & Entertainment
1.1 Live at Livvies
1.2 Peggy Cairns
1.3 David Purse

Category 2 Local Business
2.1 DGG Transport & Blantyre Bowling Club
2.2 Miners Welfare
2.3 Blantyre Community Council

Category 3 Environmental Pride
3.1 Bonnie Blantyre
3.2 Scottish Gas Networks
3.3 Friends of the Calder

Category 4 Inspirational Individuals
4.1 Victoria McMahon
4.2 Scott Arbuckle
4.3 Kevin O Neil

Category 5 Heroism & Kindness
5.1 Jo Kelly and Kathy Larkins
5.2 Rebecca Blackburn and Julie McCallum
5.3 Stephen Reid and Thomas Rodger

Celeb Messages:  Opening | Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5 | Overall Winner | Interval Starts | Interval Ends | Review of 2017

BLANTYRE OSCARS 2018 – This event has now passed