Demolition of War Memorial

During September 2018, the Auchentibber War Memorial was demolished to make way for a complete, sympathetic rebuild. The memorial had seen better days and joints had opened up caused by rainwater intrusion and the volume of nearby traffic. By the 20th September, the monument was completely gone and immediately after a new firm base was […]

Rainbow at Shott

I took this photo on 19th September 2018 during a heavy rain-shower. Coming down the road from Greenhall, i noticed this spectacular double rainbow over Shott. This is an area going through remarkable transformation in 2018. New houses at Greenhall Village surround the walled garden of Shott House, which has again gone up for sale, […]

2003 Doon Inn Roof

This photo shows the brand new pitched roof put on to the “Doon Inn” Pub on Broompark Road. The roof was built in 2003 contracted to Torrance Roofing & Building in Rutherglen. Prior to this photo, the roof was originally flat. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, […]

Our November Donations

The totals are now in! November was a great month for book sales, (being the lead up to Christmas and when people start thinking of presents). Sales royalties amounted to a whopping £177, which was fully handed over to Blantyre Telegraph for distribution back to the community. Blantyre Telegraph fundraising has now ended for November […]

Christmas Past

This photo may evoke memories for people on the page. At a time certainly when Christmas was simpler. It wasn’t about what you had, it was all about who you were with, where you were and making the most of that. Just one or two gifts were expected and warmly appreciated. Hanging cards from the […]

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