Asda & Blantyre History

I was thrilled to provide wording and photos for TWO new massive shiny display boards in Blantyre ASDA. As ASDA look to engage with community and celebrate Blantyre’s heritage, these two wall panels were put up in the store this week, on permanent display to shoppers, just behind the tills. The first features Blantyre Mining […]

Tableaux Conservation Programme

A group of precious polychromatic plaster tableaux depicting David Livingstone’s historic journey to Africa have been painstakingly restored as part of a £6.1million project to transform the Scottish explorer’s birthplace, due to re-open to the public in 2020. The tableaux, created by prominent 20th Century British sculptor Charles d’Orville Pilkington Jackson in the 1920s, were […]

Forrest Land Ownership

Christine Forrest enquired, “Jock Forrest my Great, Great Grandfather and his brother Andrew Forrest, may have owned land in High Blantyre and around Udston area? I met my Grandad’s elderly cousin Jean Forrest O’Neil about 20 years ago and she said she saw property papers as a child. Anyway of finding out? “ I was able […]