On this Day 1813

David Livingstone was born on this day March 19, 1813. He was a Scottish Doctor of Medicine, a Christian missionary and an explorer. Born and raised in the mill town of Blantyre, Lanarkshire in Scotland, by the age of ten he was working in a cotton factory on the banks of the River Clyde. However, […]

Infant Mortality, 1918

Conditions in the mining towns of Lanarkshire in the immediate post WW1 years were about as bad as it could get. Infant mortality in Lanarkshire was astonishingly high with 22,000 children out of 188,000 born in 1918, dying before they even reached their first birthday! In Blantyre on average 143 babies out of every 1,000, […]

German’s Son Deserted, 1919

In 1910’s Blantyre, there was perhaps never a more awkward or problematic situation than being born in Blantyre to German’s immigrants and being forced to sign up for the army, knowing your parents had been imprisoned. Thats exactly what happened to William Siegel of Blantyre, a well known conscientious objector (unwilling to conscript or fight). […]

1980 Majorettes

These Blantyre marching girls were out in force in June 1980 for the Summer Gala. These are the youngster of Mrs King’s High Blantyre Majorettes, the team being one of the highlights of the gala giving a brilliant display. Lots of Blantyre faces in there! Can you name anybody? Perhaps you remember this? Can you […]

Cruelty to a Cat, 1919

Warning! This story contains narrative about cruelty to an animal! Read a your discretion. Andrew Dollochan was a miner, residing in Birdsfield Model Lodging-House, Burnbank, Hamilton. He was somebody the police often had their eye on and one day in August 1919, they absolutely WERE observing him! Andrew was observed mistreating a cat in Springwells […]