Sports Facility Hit Hurdle

Plans for multi sports stadium near Priory Bridge were dramatically halted in Summer 1980 when residents of Priory Bridge formed a petition to obstruct the development. With the speedway at Springwells set to close, a new location had to be found and the private site at Bardykes owned by Francis Doonin, just off the road […]

Former Caspers Nightclub

Hard to believe that this large building at the corner of Clydeview Shopping Centre at Victoria Street junction sat for over 12 years unoccupied and derelict. The former Caspers Nightclub sign facing out all that Glasgow Road traffic. That’s a sign I wish I’d tried to salvage. When writing my book, “Glasgow Road South: The […]

Creating Priestfield Cemetery

In June 1979, a story appeared in the Hamilton Advertiser for the first time announcing that Hamilton District Council were thinking of creating a new cemetery beside the EK Expressway.   However, at that time, the land still had to be bought from Strathclyde Regional Council.  By January 1980, land had been secured on the former Priestfield […]

2001 Blantyre Health Centre

Pictured in its final years in 2001 is Blantyre Health Centre. The Health Institute building on Blantyre’s Victoria Street was a vital building to the welfare of Blantyre people. Opened on 12th October 1928, it was initially a children’s clinic with a grand title of “The Public Health Institute and Children’s Welfare Centre”. Later however, […]