1961-62 High Blantyre School

Thomas McGrail Ward shared his school photo here. This is High Blantyre School on Hunthill Road, pictured in 1961-62. Thomas has a good memory and able to remember some names.  Back row. Thomas Ward, Angus McIntyre, William Mason, Mathew Robson, Ian (Jim) Prentice, John Murning, David Wotherspoon, Woodford Russell, Stuart Williams and Lindsay Cunningham. 3rd Row. […]

Anderson Shelters

The black and white photo is little baby Elizabeth Weaver and her Auntie Betty beside their ‘Anderson’ air raid shelter in the back garden. The photo is from the late 1940s, and Anderson Shelters had given way by then to become useful garden huts. Elizabeth said, “It used to warm up in the summer and […]

1985 Whistleberry Roundabout

Here’s 2 photos from 1985 showing a relatively new expressway bridge going over Glasgow Road. This is Glasgow Road at the Whistleberry Roundabout at Springwells. What’s really noticeable is the lack of vegetation by comparison to today. Trees have sprung up either side of the Expressway and sliproads, almost completely masking the road. This is […]

At the Railway, 1985

Need a little help with this photo. It’s from the mid 1980’s, so nearly 35 years ago. Clearly the railway is visible and seeing Dechmont Hill in the background means its photographed looking westwards. Workshop or factory in the middle, houses on the right. I suspect this the corridor linking Blantyre to Burnbank. Can you […]