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Yeah! We did it! 2019 Running Costs Target met!

As a non-profit charitable website providing a FREE service here and on Facebook, I have unavoidable annual costs of £434 that I now kindly seek help from readers with. In order to research accurately and provide a FREE ancestry service to all Blantyre people, it may come as a surprise, just how much Blantyre Project running costs are. (£235.00 WordPress domain and website business plan hosting giving YOU functionality here, £79 British Newspaper Archive to research stories and dates and Ancestry Premium Plan £119.99 to provide FREE ancestry to readers!)

I usually pay this each year to ensure this site remains FREE for everybody who follows it. This year I’m trying something a little different.

Can you perhaps spare a little donation of a pound or two to help me get to the annual target? You can choose any amount and pay safely by Paypal, credit or debit card to ‘Blantyre Telegraph’s’ Account which will directly fund Blantyre Project. I do not hold any card details.

So far readers have generously raised £434 towards the 2019 £434 target! Thank you for your support.

Donations have so far been received from:
Sandra Cunningham, Scott Travis, Bill McLean, Tom Brown, Sandra Goodall, Margaret Burns, Dawn Oliver, Lorna McIlvaney, Lynn Purcell, Linda Marshall, Avril Keenan, Archie Simm, Fiona Stevenson, John MacDonald, Senga Artsy, Flora Cameron, Loretta Cameron, Andrew McNeil, Susan Paterson, Claire Urqhart, Steven Fairlie, John Tester, Barry Simpson, Allison Rankin, Ann Currie, John Reynolds, Alex Rochead, Andrena Black, Arleen Perrie, Marie Bell, Sam Kennedy and anonymous donations, Dahlys Hamilton,Your Name Here