Burns Day & Rabbie’s Cottage

Its the 25th January, which means one thing in Scotland and beyond…. It’s Burns Day, a time to celebrate the work of Scotland’s most famous poet.

I have a nice fitting photo for you which of course, does have a Blantyre connection. This photo shows Rabbie Burn’s cottage in Ayrshire, a long established tourist attraction. In this previously unseen photo by early Blantyre photographer David Ritchie, his wife Mary Ann and eldest daughter Lizzie stand to the left of the door. Clearly this was a family outing. Whilst there’s no date, I know that Lizzie was born in 1891 and looking around 14 years old in this picture, dates it to around 1905 or so, some 115 years ago!

A little snapshot of a Blantyre family day out during the Edwardian era and a refreshing reminder that hard lives even then took time out for recreation and enjoyment.

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Anne Irvine Wow. Brilliant
Philip Pohler Great photo and little bit of history

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  1. Wow! This is an awesomely fabulous photo, just so detailed, so pristine as well. just incredible. thank you so much for posting,

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