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1924 Generals Bridge at Stoneymeadow

Thank you to Christina Forrest for sending in her father’s photo of the General’s Bridge,  Stoneymeadow Road. A horse and cart is pictured crossing over the Bridge and the scene looks similar to today. The back of the photo is dated 1924. Christina told me, “I’m not sure how my father ended up with this […]

Stoneymeadow Cemetery

There is a reference in the 1885 Annals of Blantyre book to “an old graveyard in Blantyre, covered in daisies and buttercups that had not been disturbed for hundreds of years.” This has always puzzled me, as dead people were being interred in the old Kirkton graveyard not just at the time this book was […]

Crossing Lee Burn at Allers

Photographed here by myself in September 2014 is a small stone arch, a pedestrian crossing the Lee Burn (or Lees Burn). This little crossing is directly across from Allers Farm , on the Stoneymeadow Road and crosses from Blantyre Parish into Cambuslang Parish. Looking at old maps, there is nothing on them to suggest where […]