1955 Chieftain at Stoneymeadow


1955 stoneymeadow junctionPictured here in 1955 (courtesy of the late Neil Gordon’s book) is the Chieftain bus at Stoneymeadow Road at the Dalton Junction.

The bus is heading towards Blantyre. Laurie of Hamilton , the proprietors of the Chieftain Buses, ran a service from Hamilton, along High Blantyre Road, Burnbank, Main Street, High Blantyre and up to Stoneymeadow Road, up to East Kilbride Village and Hairmyres.

Avril Laurie messaged me saying, “Thanks so much Paul for your post of the chieftains. My husbands grandfather owned the chieftains and the family of brothers drove the chieftains and his dad also very nice to see Paul brings back good memories for the family”

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Jane Johnstone …and Carrie the bus conductress…

Helen Lawson Taylor I travelled on the buses going to work in 1960 they were freezing old buses .

Jim McSorley Looks likes at a guess the photo was taken from the railway line above. I see the garage on the right and the two cottages are still there today.

The Blantyre Project I just noticed the horizon, upper fields, with no East Kilbride Expressway or pine forests.

Jean McIntosh Great picture

The Blantyre Project from Neil Gordons book from 2004.

Stuart Macrae The Laurie depot was to the right of where Robertson Cars is now and the shops just before the old bridge over the railway that was Burnbank station.

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