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Barman at Auchentibber Inn, 1910’s

This photo dating from the 1910’s shows a barman outside the former Auchentibber Inn. Taken in the Auchentibber Quoiting Ground ‘Italian Gardens’ this is close to where the Auchentibber War Memorial is today. The foliage suggests 1910’s, perhaps within the first decade of the gardens being established. I know of three barmen at the Auchentibber […]

Illegal Whisky Concealment, 1916

Here’s an interesting wee story. On Saturday 30th September 1916, Mr Robert McKenzie of 56 Hall Street, Dixon’s Rows walked into a licensed Blantyre grocers not knowing that he was being watched. That evening, outside Alexander McCluskey’s licensed grocers shop were two policemen watching carefully who was going in. Inspector John Syme and Detective Sergeant […]