1924 Generals Bridge at Stoneymeadow

1924 The General's Bridge

1924 The General’s Bridge

Thank you to Christina Forrest for sending in her father’s photo of the General’s Bridge,  Stoneymeadow Road. A horse and cart is pictured crossing over the Bridge and the scene looks similar to today. The back of the photo is dated 1924. Christina told me, “I’m not sure how my father ended up with this photo as he wasn’t a photographer. He had several more of the high blantyre area which i’ll look out. He once gave this photo to Neil Gordon to scan and would have been happy to give to you too. I’m sure of that given the contributions you have made to local history. I think our family of Forrests had connections to this area, but perhaps you would be better placed to comment more on that when you have a few moments.”

I know the name Forrest has several connections in Blantyre, including Forrest Place, which used to lead off the junction of Broompark Road and Main Street (later to become Gardiner Place). There is also a story connected to Crossbasket area relating to Forrest’s. It can be read here http://blantyreproject.com/2014/05/05/forrests-flee-from-stoneymeadow/

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