1905 Stoneymeadow Sweet shop

This photo shows the former Stoneymeadow Tollhouse, and subsequently later, the Boyds Farm around 1905. Around the 1870’s, the Boyds had sold up and left for New Zealand, and the property no longer afterwards was a working farm. The building located at the junction of Stoneymeadow Road and Dalton was by this time, a most charming small sweetshop, no doubt cashing in on the lucrative trade of tourists visiting the area to see Calderwood Castle.

As well as confectionary, according to the sign in the window, it sold aerated water. Indeed, the sign actually says “Robertson’s Aerated Water sold here”, which must surely be a reference to the Blantyre business. The building still appears on WW2 aerial photos but it is unknown to me, when it was actually demolished. Pictured also is what it looks like now.

I’ve previously researched the full history of this building and its inhabitants prior to 1900, which can be read here https://blantyreproject.com/2015/06/16/stoneymeadow-toll-paterson-boyd-farm/

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Caroline Lee Has the old car show room not been demolished recently. I much prefer the original cottages

The Blantyre Project building is demolished, all the rubble still laying there.

Alan Reardon The house directly across the junction from this has a small lean too building attached and later this was also used as a shop and filling station. When the present owners bought it they had to remove the underground fuel tanks and the lean too is still registered as a commercial building

KellyAnn Maguire Ramsay The old cottages would be much nicer to look at nowadays. Its a shame that blantyre has lost its village feel.

Gary Painter Site was cleared recently.

Marian Maguire It’s a shame we have lost all these small cottages and buildings of character, another was barnhill cottages should never have been demolished in favour of new. A complete renovation would have been lovely.

Brian Weaver I remember the sweet shop. It was a long walk from Blantyre for a wee boy and the sweets were welcome. I can also confirm that they sold Robertson’s lemonade!

Alan Reardon Hi Brian I assume it’s the shop across the road you went to as I have no recollection of the building in the picture. There was also a garage on that site too before the car show room was built though and it also sold sweets and ginger. The attendant was John Watt it was owned by an old lady Mrs Birch who lived in one of the cottages further up the road a bit.

Gary Doonin Remember the shop sold ice cream around 74 75. Milton Bell took over it and Miltons house was actually further along stoney meadow road in the area affectionately known as Hen Ferm Brae
Jim Cochrane Mrs Birches garage in the 1960s and 70s

James Graham I remember the shop well. Went there on my bike in the 1950. Bought Wagon Wheels

Henry Hambley Happy memories. Delightful pause in the long walk (for a 5 year old). There was also a garage/filling station almost opposite on the main East Kilbride road which also sold confections but my favourite was the one at the corner.


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  1. The old Stoneymeadow Motors building has recently been demolished. When I walked round that way in early September there was a large pile of rubble.

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