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Danger Signal to Deaf man

Tragedy befell a Blantyre man on 21st December Christmas 1927. Along with two others, John (or James as some reports confirmed) Cook (20) of Chalmer’s Land, Blantyre set out for stroll, and eventually reached Bothwell Bridge, where a pond beside the river was frozen. Cook, who was a deafman, but impetuous youth, suddenly left his companions […]

Bus collides with Horse & Cart

On Tuesday morning 17th December 1929 an alarming collision occurred on the Hamilton Road, near the High School, when a bus proceeding towards Hamilton came into collision with butcher’s horse-drawn cart coming in the opposite direction. The butcher’s horse was killed outright in the collision, and the driver was thrown from his seat and severely […]

Janet Anderson 1879

Miss Janet Anderson died on Tuesday 27th May 1879. The dairymaid from Calderglen was killed under shocking circumstances on the railway near Blantyre. She had been at Hamilton and travelled by train to Low Blantyre Station, alighting there. She decided then to take a short cut along the line, which directly passed by Calderglen. She was […]