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Save the Herald Clock

In 1941, a beautiful, large sandstone clock was donated by Mrs Janet Herald to the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre. Now 78 years later, the clock is abandoned inside Shuttle Row and has sadly fallen into considerable disrepair. Indeed, unfortunately, and, with lots of deliberation, the decision was taken by the David Livingstone Trust that the clock needs to […]

1891 Blantyre Real Estate

This real estate map advert from 1891 advertises 12 blocks of land for sale at the Blantyre Estate, but not in our Scottish town of Blantyre. It was in what is now the Brisbane suburb of Mount Gravatt East, Australia! Extensive publicity was published in Brisbane newspapers for the estate, named after our own town. Always […]

Blantyre Telegraph Magazine

Edition 5 (August) of the fab Blantyre Telegraph Monthly Magazine is now out in local shops! Priced at just £1, all sales of the Blantyre magazine go entirely to local good causes. It features some articles and photos deliberately held back from the websites ensuring plenty of fresh, new topical content. Now becoming more established […]

Moon Landings, 1969

As man first walked on the moon 50 years ago, my father was getting ready to holiday for the first time in Scotland. To visit his ‘then’ girlfriend, my mother in Blantyre. Amongst dad’s things was this Czech newspaper. Dated 21st July 1969, 1 day after the moon landing and just 10 days before Joe […]

1878 Craighead House

Further photos of former Craighead House photographed by early photographer Thomas Annan in 1878. The plate negative providing some fantastic detail. Photographed a whopping 141 years ago, this was the home of George Alston. Just 4 years after this photo, in 1882, Craighead House burned down back to its shell. However, the property was well […]

“Community” Feature fixed!

The Blantyre Project Social network “Community” feature is now fixed! The community tab and ability to connect with others or post your own photos and stories here on this website has been broken for 2 months, but after 2 hours work this evening, it’s now back up and running! Member registration/login details should still work, […]

1920’s Main Street

This charming scene is High Blantyre Main Street in the 1920’s. Children play near the kerbline outside the former Apothecary (chemist). Looking eastwards, some of the houses at the back are still there today. The trees on the left would now be where family shopper is. The tenement on the left is no longer there […]