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Derelict Cochrane Chapel

I recently asked if anybody knew when the former Cochrane Chapel, at Priory Bridge was demolished. There were suggestions from you all that it was 1980s or early 90s. This newspaper clipping is from 29th December 1989 and helps somewhat. It was by then in ruins, but still standing. It is transcribed as follows: “Mystery […]

Opening of Asda, 1980

ASDA in Blantyre opened on Tuesday 21 October 1980. The date of the new £3m superstore was unveiled to Blantyre residents a month before and for the best part, many people were excited and looked forward with anticipation. It was the third superstore to open in Lanarkshire, one of the largest. Mr Peter Firmston-Williams, ASDA’s […]

Community Action Plan

Great to see the ‘Blantyre Community Action Plan‘ for 2019-2024 being launched tomorrow evening! With the views of over 1,500 people of all ages taken on board , the plan has been formed by the Blantyre Steering Group over the last 9 or 10 months, detailing priorities for improving the town. The steering Group has […]

Quick Questions

Need your help. I genuinely don’t know the answers and looking for some comments, advice or suggestions. A few subjects I’m looking to fill in some blanks on my notes, all Blantyre related: 1. The RUINED CALDERGLEN CHAPEL, once in the woods near end of Kirkwall Avenue, Priory Bridge. I have lots of history for […]

2000 Main Street

Next, a couple of photos of Main Street from the year 2000. Looking west along the street, a busy scene with car parked on the street before the parking bays were added. The scene is quite familiar otherwise. And also, at that same location looking the opposite way. Do you remember McDade’s Licensed Grocers and […]

Adopting Roads

Today, we’re looking at the controversial subject of some of the privately owned roads in Blantyre that had by the Millennium got into a poor standard. With the council choosing not to adopt them previously, expectation was on the residents of each street to look after them. All these photos date from the year 2000. […]