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1985 Whistleberry Roundabout

Here’s 2 photos from 1985 showing a relatively new expressway bridge going over Glasgow Road. This is Glasgow Road at the Whistleberry Roundabout at Springwells. What’s really noticeable is the lack of vegetation by comparison to today. Trees have sprung up either side of the Expressway and sliproads, almost completely masking the road. This is […]

At the Railway, 1985

Need a little help with this photo. It’s from the mid 1980’s, so nearly 35 years ago. Clearly the railway is visible and seeing Dechmont Hill in the background means its photographed looking westwards. Workshop or factory in the middle, houses on the right. I suspect this the corridor linking Blantyre to Burnbank. Can you […]

1987 Snowy Expressway

Winter 1987. Particularly bad for snow. Cars had to be dug out the East Kilbride Expressway. Here, the AA battles to keep things moving. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said: Jamie Simpson A was out delivering milk that day the only one.Nicola Bence I remember this. […]

Greyfriars – Wildlife

Thanks to John Smith who shared his stunning photographs of abundant wildlife and birds, pictured right on Blantyre’s doorstep. These were taken recently at the Haughead Bridge, just off Blantyreferme Road near the Golf Range. Always thankful that Blantyre is mostly surrounded by greenery, rivers and wildlife. A reminder of something very nice about where […]

1847 Bothwell Bridge

This is of course Bothwell Bridge. Photographed from the Bothwell side looking across to the opposing riverbank which would in time become the lido park, later the expressway. An engraving by Clarkson Frederick Stanfield, the bridge had been remodelled only a couple of decades earlier, widening it, making it more level and removing a large […]

Auchentibber Earthworks

How fast Auchentibber’s landscape is changing in 2019. The upper fields, high above Blantyre, focusing around the derelict farm are fast transforming in Spring and Summer 2019 as earth is shifted around, levelling fields, infilling hollows and ponds and the like. Hedgerows give way to new fences and the fields themselves ready to be reseeded […]

Lady Park

‘Lady Park‘ was the former name of upper fields belonging to Greenhall Estate adjacent to Greenhall Farm. In May 1917, Alexander Marshall Junior (14) of School Lane was caught deliberately setting fire to 8 yards of hedge at Lady Park. He pled guilty in court. He was caught red handed by an approaching police officer who […]