Category: Blantyre Places

Battle of Bothwell Bridge

A superb, rare 19th century engraving of “The Battle of Bothwell Bridge“. I first saw this on the “Lost Houses of the Clyde Valley” Facebook page, run by Christine Wallace. The engraving was done in 1850 and may include some artistic license of the battle which took place in 1679. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. […]

Ferry on the Clyde

This painting shows the Blantyre – Uddingston Ferry on the river Clyde, near Boatland with Bothwell Castle beyond. People may be more familiar with this area as “Boat Jocks”. The oil painting on canvas was done by Alexander Fraser the Younger, (b1828-d1899) and is pictured in 1872 at a time when the Scott family owned […]

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