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1910’s Auchentibber Terraces

Another crystal clear photo of Auchentibber, from over 100 years ago! We’re back inside Auchentibber Gardens, this photo from the 1910’s taken from the Quoiting Green looking eastwards. Photographer was David Ritchie. Outwith the quoiting green, beyond the neat, white picket fences, was an elevated walkway offering a beautiful vantage point to observe the sports. […]

Blantyre’s Latitude Surprise!

Walter Stark shared this interesting fact! He told me, “Here’s a piece of Blantyre trivia, the kind that could earn you a few free beers in the pub. Out of interest I googled “latitude of most northerly point in England” then “latitude of Blantyre Scotland” and here’s what popped up.. Marshall Meadows (England)             Latitude 55.8053° N Blantyre (Scotland)                             Latitude […]

Auchentibber Clean up

If you walked along Auchentibber Road in mid January 2019 you would have noticed things looking a little different. The landowner has trimmed back all the tall hedges on either side of the quiet road and within their own field boundaries. A considerable area of the roadside verges on either side of Auchentibber Road (between […]

1978 Speedway

Riders get their bikes ready at Blantyre Speedway in 1978. Looking south towards the former Co-op building on Glasgow Road, this was only 2 years before the building was demolished. Can you remember days out at the former speedway? Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors […]

Railway Station, 1961

A cracking picture of the Low Blantyre Train Station. Taken in 1961 before electrification of the lines. The former goods shed in the background. There’s a certain charm about this scene, and still strangely some familiarity. Do YOU remember the station like this? With thanks to Gordon Cook for a good copy of this picture. […]

1931 Suspension Bridge

Here’s a charming picture of the old suspension bridge spanning the River Clyde. Given the houses at Waterloo Row are demolished, but the Village school is still there, I reckon this was taken around 1930 or 31. Photographed from the Bothwell side looking back over to Blantyre, the bridge only lasted another 2 decades before […]