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JBH Struthers Interview, 1910 (Part 3 of 3)

During an Auchentibber Garden Party in June 1910, reporters interviewed Inn and Quoiting Grounds owner, Mr. J.B.H Struthers. Today, continued on from Parts 1 and 2, this final part continues with an explanation of the measures ihe and other volunteers took to create the beautiful former Italian Gardens. Reporters interviewing him stated, “The chief point […]

Craighead, 1979

A view from where the Expressway is now, looking over towards Craighead. Trying to work out the perspective of this September 1979 photo, I think the Craighead Bing is to the left and the flat roofed building was Scottish Waters, (now Story Construction) next to Ireland Alloys. Whats your memories about this area? Anybody able […]