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2004 The General’s Bridge , Stoneymeadow

A photo from Alex Rochead, dating from 2004/2005, when the grounds of Crossbasket were fairly neglected. Pictured from the boundary of the Crossbasket Castle grounds is “The General’s Bridge”. In recent months I’ve been forced to change my opinion about whom this was built for. Commonly thought to be Liuet General Peter, I am now swayed […]

1924 Generals Bridge at Stoneymeadow

Thank you to Christina Forrest for sending in her father’s photo of the General’s Bridge,  Stoneymeadow Road. A horse and cart is pictured crossing over the Bridge and the scene looks similar to today. The back of the photo is dated 1924. Christina told me, “I’m not sure how my father ended up with this […]

The General’s Bridge, Blantyre

The General’s Bridge (of General’s Brig) is situated just outside High Blantyre , beyond Greenhall, on the Stoneymeadow Road, before the entrance to Crossbasket House. It spans over the Rotten Calder river. It is unknown when the current bridge was built, but there is evidence it replaced an earlier bridge. The current bridge (pictured in […]