2004 The General’s Bridge , Stoneymeadow

2005 The General's Bridge, Stoneymeadow

2005 The General’s Bridge, Stoneymeadow

A photo from Alex Rochead, dating from 2004/2005, when the grounds of Crossbasket were fairly neglected. Pictured from the boundary of the Crossbasket Castle grounds is “The General’s Bridge”. In recent months I’ve been forced to change my opinion about whom this was built for. Commonly thought to be Liuet General Peter, I am now swayed towards the more likely scenario of General Maxwell of Calderwood, given the dates those individuals were alive and died at, and indeed when the bridge itself was built. I’ll be posting in more detail about this soon, showing the research I have collected for this revision. This was a real leap to make that statement as it has been so widely reproduced online, copied from site to site that the bridge was connected only to General Peter, something i now think is false.

If you look closely at the gothic bridge, there are missing coats of arms near the crest of the arch. Ill be posting about that in detail, along with some other interesting details about this bridge in due course.

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