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Road Realignment & Spittal Accidents

Road Re-alignment    In January 1927, plans were announced to upgrade the road between Cambuslang and Priory Bridge at a sum of £80,000. Further improvements were budgeted to bypass the Priory Bridge at a cost of £32,000 and to eventually remove the redundant tram standards. By May 1928, there had been complaints that the road […]

Fatal Impaling at Stoneymeadow Road

About ten o’clock on Wednesday 19th July 1933, just as the light was dipping, a terrible accident occurred at the junction of Stoneymeadow Road and Dalton, which left one person dead. Richard Dale, residing at 48 Park Street, Cambuslang was running his Blantyre sweetheart back to High Blantyre, when tragedy struck. He was riding a motor […]