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2004 The General’s Bridge , Stoneymeadow

A photo from Alex Rochead, dating from 2004/2005, when the grounds of Crossbasket were fairly neglected. Pictured from the boundary of the Crossbasket Castle grounds is “The General’s Bridge”. In recent months I’ve been forced to change my opinion about whom this was built for. Commonly thought to be Liuet General Peter, I am now swayed […]

1938 Suffocated at Stonefield Brickie

On Monday 10th October 1938, a terrible tragedy happened at the Brickworks, resulting in the death of a nineteen year old. Peter M’Dermott (19), of Stonefield Road. Blantyre, was slowly suffocated in a tank full of brick-making material at a Blantyre brick works while twenty workmates fought to clear away the material which was killing […]