Fatal Impaling at Stoneymeadow Road

2015 Stoneymeadow Junction

2015 Stoneymeadow Junction

About ten o’clock on Wednesday 19th July 1933, just as the light was dipping, a terrible accident occurred at the junction of Stoneymeadow Road and Dalton, which left one person dead.

Richard Dale, residing at 48 Park Street, Cambuslang was running his Blantyre sweetheart back to High Blantyre, when tragedy struck. He was riding a motor cycle with the young woman as pillion passenger towards Blantyre when through some unexplained cause, he skidded severely across the road at the junction of Stoneymeadow and crashed heavily into the kerb. The bike was thrown up into the air, at speed and the woman was thrown over a five feet high iron fence into the field. Richard Dale was also thrown from the bike, but was not thrown over the fence. Instead, he was thrown on to the metal fence, which had spikes upon it. He was caught on the spikes and impaled. When a doctor arrived it was found that Dale was dead.The young women, left shocked, was uninjured.

At the time of the accident the former Boyd’s Farm was on the left hand side of this modern picture, therefore, the accident, according to the report must have occurred on the opposite side, as pictured where the current wooden fence is. In early photos of this area, there does appear to be a spiked fence or railing. Not a pleasant story, but one worth telling.

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