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1953 Stoneymeadow

This photo is from 1953 (was that really 66 years ago?!) Looking down from near “Allers Farm” northwards towards the Dalton junction at Stoneymeadow. The little buildings on the right at the junction are no longer there. At the time, Stoneymeadow Road was the main route from Blantyre to East Kilbride. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with […]

Crossbasket & Basket: Origins of the Name

The name ‘Crossbasket’ is in relation to the Tower, the Estate and tied lands. The name ‘Basket’, being a sub part of these lands. The name “Crossbasket” likely took it name from ‘Basket Cross’, an ancient stone cross which once stood a small distance from the tower. It was often spelled “Korsbas”, or “Korsebasket”. Near the […]

Fatal Impaling at Stoneymeadow Road

About ten o’clock on Wednesday 19th July 1933, just as the light was dipping, a terrible accident occurred at the junction of Stoneymeadow Road and Dalton, which left one person dead. Richard Dale, residing at 48 Park Street, Cambuslang was running his Blantyre sweetheart back to High Blantyre, when tragedy struck. He was riding a motor […]