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Road Realignment & Spittal Accidents

Road Re-alignment    In January 1927, plans were announced to upgrade the road between Cambuslang and Priory Bridge at a sum of £80,000. Further improvements were budgeted to bypass the Priory Bridge at a cost of £32,000 and to eventually remove the redundant tram standards. By May 1928, there had been complaints that the road […]

1999 David Livingstone Bridge

Pictured here in 1999 just before it opened, is the current David Livingstone Bridge, near the David Livingstone Memorial Centre. Photographed by Robert Stewart. The bridge previous to this wasn’t of the best construction. Indeed, so many shortcuts were taken on it’s construction, that by the 1990′s it was deemed unsafe and was eventually replaced […]

1924 Generals Bridge at Stoneymeadow

Thank you to Christina Forrest for sending in her father’s photo of the General’s Bridge,  Stoneymeadow Road. A horse and cart is pictured crossing over the Bridge and the scene looks similar to today. The back of the photo is dated 1924. Christina told me, “I’m not sure how my father ended up with this […]