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Glasgow Road, 2000

Who remembers these shops then? Again, around the time of the Millennium, photographed looking over to the north side of Glasgow Road. Few changes at this location compared to today! Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said: Brian Fisher What happened to Maddens…?Daniel Anderson Became […]

William & Mary Calder

Eileen Cusack Ansell messaged Blantyre Project saying, “I cannot find the deaths for William Calder and Mary Johnston, my ancestors. I know they were in the 1851 census, but they were both deceased by the time their daughter Sarah married on December 31, 1860, which narrows down a death time between March 30/31, 1851 (when census was taken) […]

Blantir Inn, 2000

Let’s go back to a time before Google Earth, and good old fashioned camera film. It’s hard to believe 2000 was 19 years ago and suddenly, those fairly mundane, routine photos, become more interesting, taking on a degree of nostalgia. Who remembers the Blantir Inn & Restaurant? Situated on Main Street, it later became Whistleberrys, […]

Sports Centre, 2000

Continuing a pictorial look at some pre-Google Earth old photos from around the Millennium. Almost 2 decades ago, a photo of Blantyre Leisure Centre on Glasgow Road, (when it was still known as Blantyre Sports Centre.) This photo was taken around 2000, well before the colourful ‘fitness billboards’ on the side of the building. The […]

Blantyre Football Club, 1879

I’ve found some evidence of (one of) the earliest known Blantyre Football Club. From August 1879, this was a decade when football clubs were forming throughout the nation for the first time. The “Blantyre Football Club” even predates Blantyre Vics and large established Central Scotland clubs like Glasgow Celtic. This advert shows an ‘annual’ sports […]