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Tour Guide Invite

I’m excited again be invited this Autumn to conduct a tour of Crossbasket Castle for the teaching staff and students of South Lanarkshire College! I did this freely in 2018 which gave me the unique opportunity to mix my “daytime construction knowledge” with detailed local history. The students will be there again to learn primarily […]

1982 Sports Centre

Going back now to 1982 to Glasgow Road and the Sports Centre looks almost brand new, its clean brickwork matching the cleanliness of the opposing new shopping centre. This must have felt very futuristic. (Anybody leaving Blantyre just 3 years earlier, would not recognise this scene at all if coming back in 1982!) The photos […]

Livingstone Centre Trees

Another great photo of the David Livingstone Centre. Shuttle Row peeks through the large trees, a scene quite different today.  This photo is perhaps 1930s or 40s and is courtesy of Gordon Cook. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said: Andy Callaghan Looked pretty much […]

1977 Eddie Collins Shop

Going back now to 21st April 1977. Pictured from Stonefield Road (roughly where the bus stop is today) is the site clearance for the Larkfield Hall and flattening of the former bing. The building is Collinses former shop and bakery (on the site of the later Mahatten, Finbarrs, Carrigans).  Broompark Road runs along the left […]

Livingstone Centre

This fabulous photo was recently shared by Alex Rochead. Taken in the mid 20th Century, what’s noticeable right away are the beautiful large trees, now no longer there. Some of these trees may have been later felled in the 1970s to make way for the Africa Pavilions.  Shuttle Row,  a museum by the time of […]