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Origins of Crossbasket Name

The name ‘Crossbasket’ is in relation to the Tower, the Estate and tied lands. The name ‘Basket’, being a sub part of these lands. The name “Crossbasket” likely took it name from ‘Basket Cross’, an ancient stone cross which once stood a small distance from the tower. It was often spelled “Korsbas”, or “Korsebasket”. Near […]

1910 Calderwood Castle

Photographed by David Ritchie in 1910, these 3 photos of Calderwood Castle are previously unseen online. Calderwood Castle sat on the Parish Boundary, just slightly into the Kilbride side. Photographed here from the River Calder on the Blantyre side, the castle is seen in all its finery. It was real tourist attraction too. People would […]