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Blantyre Railway Station – 1961

A nice clear photo of Blantyre Train Station, looking towards Glasgow. This photo is from 1961 with white picket fences, well looked after buildings. I actually prefer this rather than the plastic cladded, bright orange feel to the station today. On social media: Catherine Davidson That’s “progress” I’m afraid. Ray Couston What happened? frown emoticon Thomas Barrett I can […]

Closure of Local Railway lines

This excellent diagram not only indicates the route of local historical railway lines, (including how the railway ran from Bothwell over the Craighead Viaduct then along to Burnbank to Peacock station), but it also gives exact dates of closure for each various line. A very useful reference tool. Click For example: High Blantyre line running […]

Low Blantyre Post Office

Pictured here in 1916 during the middle of the first World War, is Low Blantyre General Post Office. Until 1969 all Post Offices in the UK had the official title General Post Office (GPO). This important building was located at the bottom of Stonefield Road. Standing in the doorway are Blantyre postmistresses Miss Stewart and […]