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1773 No Main Street

  Looking at the Charles Ross 1773 map of Blantyre, many of the names shown are familiar, but I noticed “Lithrig” which looks to be an early adaptation of Letterick. Also beside Crossbasket and Greenhall is “Craighead” which surprised me somewhat. However, by far the most striking feature of the map is the absence of […]

George Alston Junior

  Alston, Mr. George Charles (Junior) – was born 13 Sept 1864 at Craighead, Blantyre, Lanarkshire. Living a priviledged life, he studied at Eton Matric Michs 1883, acquiring his qualification, a BA in 1886. For a time also he was in Ceylon as a tea planter. He is pictured here in 1895 sporting a moustache […]

Celtic Melee 1928

  Low Blantyre was the location of  what threatened to become an ugly scene in September 1928. The events took place at a Blantyre football match between the Blantyre Celtic v. Bridgeton Waverley game on 27th September 1928. Thankfully, the timely intervention of the police saved the situation. Behind the goal at the pavilion end […]

Wannabe Bookmaker fined

  With the arrival of Greyhound Racing in 1920’s Blantyre, came the inevitable gambling problems for many people in our town. At Craighead, a new sight was plain clothes officers, acting on behalf of the gambling commission, walking around the racetrack and others locally to see if illegal activity was going on, especially with the […]