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Hogg – Miller Blantyre Ancestry

Caitlyn Clarkson emailed me recently from her home in Canada, commenting, “You have created a wonderful website, the photographs are amazing and create such a sense of time and space. My great great grandparents lived in Blantyre for quite some time. They were Helen Miller and James Hogg. Helen Miller who married James Hogg (coal miner). Helen […]

Doing ‘time’ for his son

When 2 boys from Blantyre stole coal from the bing at Craighead Colliery, their actions would have far reaching consequences for their families. There was a scene Hamilton J.P. Court on Saturday 25th June 1931, when those two boys from Blantyre finally admitted the theft of coal from the bing at Craighead Colliery. Being minors, […]

Baird’s Rows (Craighead Rows) Blantyre

Baird’s Rows or Raws were located in the Craighead area of Low Blantyre. The miners homes consisted of three equal length rows of single storey terraced properties. The miner’s homes were tied to the nearby Colliery at Craighead. The rows were names after the nearby Colliery and impressive Craighead house. In April 1878, just as […]