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Baird’s Rows, 1958

With thanks to Anthony Smith for sharing this great photo. The date is February 1958. Left to Right are his brothers Stan,Pete, then Anthony and their mum. The location is outside 93 Bairds at the former Craighead Rows, Low Blantyre. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our […]

Bairds Rows, 1957

John Ward Duffy contacted me adding, “Here is a photo of my gran and her 2 eldest.” The photo was taken at Bairds Raws (also known as Craighead Raws) around 1957, not long before they were cleared. With the history of the north side of Glasgow Road about to be written up in detail, I’m […]

Bairds Rows 1957

This wonderful photo was photographed in 1957 by the father of Anthony Smith who has kindly shared the scene here. Anthony’s brother is just in the foreground of this panoramic photo of Low Blantyre and Baird’s Rows, the tied miner’s houses. The dog track can be seen on the bottom left, and the vantage point […]