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Posters at DLC

Local lady, Paula Stewart noticed these posters in June 2018 hanging up in the windows at the Africa Pavilions at David Livingstone Centre.  The artist appears to be ‘Ivan Polley’ noted on the small print on the bottom. Marked “Blantyre Station” and faded by the sun, I had wondered if there were the actual posters once […]

1961 Blantyre Station

  Blantyre Station looking west in 1961. You can see the bridge in the background spanning the railway at Station Road. On the northern side, the goods shed still visible in the background. The former brick built station offices are on BOTH sides of the platform. However, perhaps the most noticeable difference is the lack […]

Station 1999

I have a few old (pre digital) photos taken in Blantyre in 1999. Whilst they weren’t of much interest at the time, they may be now, almost 20 years later. Looking back at the Station, near the Village, Low Blantyre. What do you think? Has it changed much? Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. […]

1912 Blantyre Station

I’m not a great fan of artificially colourised postcards, but sometimes they are done quite well and worth showing. This certainly is one of the better ones. I’ve scanned it in a fairly good resolution. Pictured in 1912, is Blantyre Station looking down the line towards Glasgow. These buildings are all now demolished, but the […]

Football Hooliganism 1927

  Blantyre Railway Station and the surround railway line was the location for disturbing scenes of football hooliganism…..in September 1927. A football match had taken place between Blantyre Vics and Parkhead on Saturday 10th September 1927. It was filled with tension as Vics had been beaten by that club 5-1 2 weeks earlier, but in […]

Blantyre Railway Station – 1961

A nice clear photo of Blantyre Train Station, looking towards Glasgow. This photo is from 1961 with white picket fences, well looked after buildings. I actually prefer this rather than the plastic cladded, bright orange feel to the station today. On social media: Catherine Davidson That’s “progress” I’m afraid. Ray Couston What happened? frown emoticon Thomas Barrett I can […]