Bairds Rows 1957

This wonderful photo was photographed in 1957 by the father of Anthony Smith who has kindly shared the scene here. Anthony’s brother is just in the foreground of this panoramic photo of Low Blantyre and Baird’s Rows, the tied miner’s houses.

The dog track can be seen on the bottom left, and the vantage point must surely have been from the top of the Craighead colliery bing. The photo also shows the landscape well too, Dechmont Hill being prominent in the background on the horizon.

The houses along John Street can be seen at the back right of the photo, with much of Glasgow Road on the left.

1957 Bairds Rows by Anthony Smith

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Jimmy Hislop I used to live in the big building on the left, on the Glasgow road. The building with the billboards showing.

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