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Sports Facility Hit Hurdle

Plans for multi sports stadium near Priory Bridge were dramatically halted in Summer 1980 when residents of Priory Bridge formed a petition to obstruct the development. With the speedway at Springwells set to close, a new location had to be found and the private site at Bardykes owned by Francis Doonin, just off the road […]

1981 Gala Floats

Lets go to 1981 next. These decorated floats for ‘Robertsons of Springwell’ headed along Glasgow Road that summer to the Gala in the park. A trip that must have felt quite strange given the demolition of many of the tenements. Lorna Rarity shared them added, “My mum found these of Gala day. Thought you could […]

Glasgow Road, 2000

Who remembers these shops then? Again, around the time of the Millennium, photographed looking over to the north side of Glasgow Road. Few changes at this location compared to today! Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said: Brian Fisher What happened to Maddens…?Daniel Anderson Became […]