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At the Railway, 1985

Need a little help with this photo. It’s from the mid 1980’s, so nearly 35 years ago. Clearly the railway is visible and seeing Dechmont Hill in the background means its photographed looking westwards. Workshop or factory in the middle, houses on the right. I suspect this the corridor linking Blantyre to Burnbank. Can you […]

Station 1999

I have a few old (pre digital) photos taken in Blantyre in 1999. Whilst they weren’t of much interest at the time, they may be now, almost 20 years later. Looking back at the Station, near the Village, Low Blantyre. What do you think? Has it changed much? Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. […]

Use of old Railway Carriages

  During October 1926, the building inspector of the Middle Ward district of Lanarkshire reported an increasing tendency on the part of people to use for human habitation, temporary buildings of a somewhat insecure nature! A large number of railway carriages had been thrown on the auction market, and the inspector was having considerable difficulty […]

Janet Anderson 1879

Miss Janet Anderson died on Tuesday 27th May 1879. The dairymaid from Calderglen was killed under shocking circumstances on the railway near Blantyre. She had been at Hamilton and travelled by train to Low Blantyre Station, alighting there. She decided then to take a short cut along the line, which directly passed by Calderglen. She was […]