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David Livingstone bridge in Water

  When the day of the demolition of the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge arrived in May 1999, it was found after cutting the main supports that the contractors could not pull it fully down. The attempt was abandoned and the next day further acetylene burning tools arrived to weaken the bridge sufficiently into smaller sections […]

Shops Forced to move, 1979

  In March 1979, uncertainty existed at a block of shops on the north side of High Blantyre’s Main Street. The shops on the lower floor of the tenements at the corner of Cemetery Road and Main Street were to be put under compulsory purchase order, to make way for the council’s new development of […]

Clydeview Shopping Centre Gone

Demolished Low Blantyre’s familiar skyline changed permanently yesterday, Saturday 4th August 2018, when the final part of the Eastern side of Clydeview Shopping Centre was pulled down. It’s suddenly strange to see no shops or units there anymore. From the carpark, views across to the trees of Stonefield Park can just be glimpsed and the […]