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Demolition Calder Street School, 2011

Near the end of June 2011, Contractors moved in to demolish Calder Street Secondary School. The Intermediate school which opened in 1912, was just 1 year short of its Centenary, though news of its imminent demolition and a wrongly written account (by others) of it opening in 1910, led to the school actually celebrating a […]

Demolition at Springwells

Work to demolish an old, dangerous tenement building in Springwells, Blantyre has started. Demolition contractors moved in this week to demolish the former Millers Fireplace and adjoining Frasers buildings on the North side of Glasgow Road near the Blantyre boundary with Burnbank. The stone built tenement building has been derelict for a few years, suffering […]

David Livingstone bridge in Water

  When the day of the demolition of the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge arrived in May 1999, it was found after cutting the main supports that the contractors could not pull it fully down. The attempt was abandoned and the next day further acetylene burning tools arrived to weaken the bridge sufficiently into smaller sections […]