Closure of Local Railway lines

Local Railway lines and their closure dates

Local Railway lines and their closure dates

This excellent diagram not only indicates the route of local historical railway lines, (including how the railway ran from Bothwell over the Craighead Viaduct then along to Burnbank to Peacock station), but it also gives exact dates of closure for each various line. A very useful reference tool. Click For example:

High Blantyre line running up to Quarter closed on 21st Sept 1963.

High Blantyre to Low Blantyre (cutting right through Blantyre itself) closed on 1st June 1960.

Low Blantyre across the Craighead viaduct to Bothwell closed on 15th September 1962.

Various other local lines are shown as closed now, such as lines extending out from Larkhall to Strathaven.

Thank you to Alex Rochead for providing a better copy of this map.

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