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Rosendale Place, Blantyre

Rosendale Place    Rosendale Place was a former large 3-storey tenement, situated just off Glasgow Road at the corner of Auchinraith Road, commanding an elevated vantage point above and to the rear of Chamber’s Buildings and Caldwell Buildings. In the 20th Century, across was toad was The Horse Shoe Pub (Kelly’s Bar or Kelly’s Corner […]

Hogg – Miller Blantyre Ancestry

Caitlyn Clarkson emailed me recently from her home in Canada, commenting, “You have created a wonderful website, the photographs are amazing and create such a sense of time and space. My great great grandparents lived in Blantyre for quite some time. They were Helen Miller and James Hogg. Helen Miller who married James Hogg (coal miner). Helen […]

1955 Fairground at Auchinraith, Blantyre

This 1955 aerial photo shows clearly the fairground was in town! Situated in spare ground between Auchinraith Road and the railway line at Springwells, the fair was operated by travelling folk and visited Blantyre on a regular basis. The vacant ground was immediately behind Rosendale. I can remember my mother telling me about her visits […]