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1980 Blantyre Community Centre

This was the Blantyre Community Centre youngsters on a float in the July 1980 Gala day. The youngsters were aboard their decorated float in a procession going through the town. Do you recognise anybody? These kids are all likely in their late 40’s, early 50s now. Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use […]

Infant Mortality, 1918

Conditions in the mining towns of Lanarkshire in the immediate post WW1 years were about as bad as it could get. Infant mortality in Lanarkshire was astonishingly high with 22,000 children out of 188,000 born in 1918, dying before they even reached their first birthday! In Blantyre on average 143 babies out of every 1,000, […]

In Memory of the Fallen

Impressive Scenes took place at Blantyre on Sunday 31st August 1919. Almost one hundred years go, one of the largest parades ever seen in Blantyre took place that Sunday afternoon when a procession of military, demobilised men, Masonic Lodges, and Friendly Societies marched through the principal streets to the Parish Church at High Blantyre. A […]