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Livingstone : Life & Death

Attached is David Livingstone’s birth certificate which can be found with a simple search on various ancestry websites. Perhaps however, more uncommon is the will of David Livingstone eg. records of his financial estate upon death. What would it reveal? Was David Livingstone a wealthy man? It’s something you don’t often read about. The will […]

Livingstone’s Memory Honoured

  The memory of David Livingstone was honoured yet again in February 1979 when British Caledonian Airways named their latest plane “David Livingstone”. Two of David Livingstone’s great grandchildren conducted the launching ceremony at Gatwick Airport of the DC10, the latest addition to the fleet. Dr David Livingstone Wilson and his sister Elspeth Murdoch are […]

Happy Birthday David!

Today, 19th March 2018, is the 205th anniversary of the birth of Explorer David Livingstone. Over 2 centuries ago, this entry was recorded in the Parish births register recording the birth of young David, to parent Neil Livingston, a tailor at Blantyre Works and to Agnes Hunter, the daughter of Neil’s employer. In that top […]

Major John Ness, Blantyre

Researched by Paul Veverka. Words from the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” (c) 2017 During the late 19th Century in Blantyre and surrounding districts, there was no better known gentleman – and, we venture to say, no more popular than Major John Ness, the veteran and beloved headmaster of Stonefield Parish […]