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New Blantyre Project Book Launched!

Some exciting news tonight! Blantyre Project has launched its 11th history book about Blantyre! A remote launch online tonight, “The Story of the National Memorial to David Livingstone” is the first of several small affordable books to be launched in the remainder of 2021. This publication charts the remarkable, detailed story of how Blantyre slum […]

Story of Memorial to David Livingstone – 8a Livingstone Gallery

continued from Part 8. This is the story of how the David Livingstone Centre was formed in 1929. Today, we continue looking at how the beautiful Tableaux which were once in the “dark room” were funded. The precious polychromatic plaster tableaux depicting David Livingstone’s historic journey to Africa have now been painstakingly restored [pictured] ahead of […]

Story of Memorial to David Livingstone – 7 Mural Paintings

Continuing our story of how the David Livingstone Centre was formed in the late 1920’s. From an account in the 1940’s transcribed here: “The enthusiastic interest that our scheme now began to excite enabled us to carry through without restriction another of our plans. We were anxious that the wall pictures that were to illustrate […]

Diary of Tam Turnip – Part 2

Blantyre man “Tam Turnip” writes in 1913, just after the centenary of David Livingstone’s birth. “Mr Editor, — When writing testimonials, making presentations, or speaking of heroes, people naturally present the best side. It is not, therefore, surprising that there should be a sameness of appreciation in the thousands of speeches made about Dr Livingstone […]