Blantyre Railway Station – 1961

A nice clear photo of Blantyre Train Station, looking towards Glasgow. This photo is from 1961 with white picket fences, well looked after buildings. I actually prefer this rather than the plastic cladded, bright orange feel to the station today.

Blantyre Railway Station 1961

Blantyre Railway Station 1961

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Catherine Davidson That’s “progress” I’m afraid.

Ray Couston What happened? frown emoticon

Thomas Barrett I can remember the goods yard and the wee three wheeled trucks that done the deliveries. Or is it my imagination?

Andy Callaghan We used to go to Millport for 4 weeks on holiday when I was a kid. The wee 3 wheeled truck would come and pick up our big hamper of clothes etc and BR would deliver it to our holiday address so that it was waiting for us when we got there.

Susan Brownlie So did we Andy! We had a huge trunk that was sent on ahead and met us there. Must be 1967 since I was there. Oh I’d love to see Millport again. Don’t know if I could cycle round the island now though. 

Moyra Lindsay It’s hardly changed.

Andy Callaghan Was there just a couple of years ago Susan n Moyra’s right. It’s hardly changed. It looks just like you remember it in your head in the 50s. Wouldn’t have been surprised to meet my grubby 8yo self climbing over the rocks. A trip back in time.
Moira Macfarlane Those were the day’s,

Michael Mcginley It’s not your imagination Thomas. The three wheeled trucks were called (cally moters)

The Blantyre Project 1963 goods shed at Low Blantyre Station with wagons outside.

The Blantyre Project's photo.
Dallas Carter At least Blantyre still HAS a station.

Anne Radke I was born just up the street at 51 Station Road!

Stewart Hay I remember the old one too, yes it did look better than the one now.

John Forrest When thay do things up its not all ways for the better

Carol Crombie It was a lovely station til they modernised it! No doubt more comfortable for the staff though as it was probably rotten with damp and decay.

Jim Frame Not been in the station since god knows when but this is the way i remember it

Garry Lee Looks cosy😀

Marjory Warren Just like I remember what the station looked like when I left Blantyre to go to live in Australia in 1970

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