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Cables: Joseph Cables – WW1 x1 icon
Cafferkey: Pauline Cafferkey ebola nurse x3 icon
Cairney: Charles (Chick) Cairney -boxer x1 icon
Cairns: The Cairns Buggy – Go Cart x1 icon
Callaghan: Mrs Catherine Callaghan – teacher retires 1978 x1 icon
Cameron: David Cameron – doctor x1 icon
Campbell: Sir George Riddoch Campbell – knighted x1 icon
Campbell: Living under Nazi Regime– The story of Rose Campbell x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Campbell: Young Tommy Campbell – boxer 1979 x1 icon
Campbell: Tommy Campbell & John Roswell 1982 x1
Campbell: Bobby Campbell at Broadway, 1960s x2 icon
Campbell: Campbells pictured at Dixons Rows, 1930s x1 icon
Canavan: Canavan toddler Accident – 1967 x1
Carabine: Jimmy Carabine – footballer born in Blantyre x1 icon
Carrigan: Thomas Carrigan – retirement 1927 x1 icon
Caserta: Caserta – The Springwells Ice Cream family x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Caserta: Caserta family – memories of 1974 x4 icon
Cavanagh: Thomas Cavanagh at Harts Land x1 icon
Cavanagh: Gunner Thomas ‘Tammy’ Cavanagh– photo x1 icon
Christie: Stuart Christie – The Blantyre Anarchist x3 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Christie: Stuart Christie – 1960 and Tam Broon x1 icon
Christie: Stuart Christie – The Wider side of life x1 icon
Christie: Stuart Christie – b1946 – d2020  x3
Christie: John Christie – Jobbing gardener d1916 x1 icon
Clark: Clark, Archibald Kerr – son of Crossbasket owner x1 icon
Clark: Marion Murray Clark – schoolteacher x1 icon
Clark: Mrs Nelly Clark – 1894  – 1977 x2 icon
Clelland: Sandra Clelland – 1979 Gala Queen x1 icon
Clifford: Mr. John L Clifford – printer x1 icon
Coats: Robert Coats – of Blantyreferme Cottage x1 icon
Cochrane: William Cochrane – of Stonefield Place x1 icon
Cochrane: Cochranes – at Calderside in 1969 x1 icon
Cochrane: Adelaide Robina Cochrane 1859 -1947 – of Calderglen x4 icon
Cochrane: Cochranes of Auchentibber – by Jim Cochrane x1 icon
Cochrane: Cochranes, Prince and sheep – family photos x1 icon
Cochrane: Alan Cochrane’s – commercial van x1 icon
Cochrane: Margaret Cochrane – nonagenarian x1
Colligan: Peter Colligan, under wheels – accident x1 icon
Connal: John Connal, miller at Millheugh x1 icon
Connel: John Connel – miller x1 icon
Cook: Alex & Charlie Cook – scouts x1
Cornfield: Remembering Jimmy Cornfield – a tribute x1 icon
Cornfield: Edward Cornfield b1890 – a history x1 icon
Cosgrove: The Cosgrove Tragedy – 1877 x1 icon
Coulter: James and Martha Coulter – shared by Marion Smithx1 icon
Cowan: May Cowan – retires 1979 x1 icon
Cumming: David Cumming – Remembered x1 icon
Craig: Hugh Craig – pictured by family in 1969 x2 icon
Crane: Daniel Crane – 1924 Fishing trip ends in tragedy x1 icon
Crawford: Alec Crawford – the Co-Op chaps x2
Crawford: Alexander Crawford, stationmaster b1837 x2 icon
Crawford: Crawford Childhood – memories x1 icon
Crawford: Crawford Family, at low Blantyre 1946 x2 icon
Crighton: John Crighton (d1934) & Agnes Steven (1935) x3 icon
Crothers: Crothers family reunited – reunion x2 icon
Cullen: George Cullen, Janitor b1863-d1926 x2
Cunningham: Currie Cunningham – photo 1954 x1 icon

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