Young Tommy Campbell, 1979


1979 Tommy Campbell wmOpponents may have first been taken aback by young Tommy Campbell’s lack of stature in this photo from 1979, but he soon put that completely right by going on and becoming Class A Western District and Scottish Youth Champion at Bantamweight.

The slightly built 15 year old flew out to Canada in March 1979 along with 3 other boxers to take on members of a boxing club in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The other boxers were all senior District Champions, so he was in good company!

Returning on 23rd March 1979, Tommy faced the prospect of defending his title the very next day. His coach, who also happened to be his father assured everybody that would be no problem. Tommy Campbell Senior said, “He is very experienced and isn’t too worried. He’s had about 80 fights and lost only 2.”

Tommy was a member of the Hoover Amateur Boxing Club in Cambuslang and a pupil at Calder High. As well as lessons from his father, Tommy also received coaching from Jim O Neil in Cambuslang, an ex professional boxing champion.

From the book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Hugh Sugar Kelly Very good boxer was Tommy. Some good sparring with him when he came to the blantyre miners boxing club
Tom McGuigan You were no slouch yourself Sugar
Hugh Sugar Kelly thanks Tom

John Cornfield Both TC senior and junior were very good boxers TC senior was a doorman. With me in the Stanley Hotel and was a character

Davy Thomson John Cornfield, tc was some man, rip TC,
John Cornfield Davy Thomson yep they are good people the Cambell’s
TC senior different class
John Dunsmore T. C. Snr , was a legend in. Blantyre x top doorman no. Messing

Davy Thomson John Cornfield, hugh from burnbank is my bro in law,

John Cornfield Davy Thomson Fritz your brother?
Davy Thomson John Cornfield aye mate, he was, passed away about 9 years ago
Davy Thomson I’m the youngest out the 10,I worked with a buddy of yours for 14 years, stevie murray, he mentioned you a few times,, in a good way lol 👍
John Cornfield Thanks Davy I remember Fritz well he was a good guy and a pal

Rabb Gallacher Dean Campbell James Campbell William Campbell Joey Peachy Campbell

Anne Irvine Blantyre High…………..
Betty Dargue Anne Irvine i was just about 2 write as he said calder high when i went 2 it it was calder street 😁

Margaret Docto Watched Tommy’s career blossom from a wee boy. He was coached by Jim Melrose and John McDermott at Blantyre ABC. A brilliant amateur. Loved Tommy. He used to come in to my house on the way home from running. Xx

Jim Melrose I remember him starting Hoover Amateur Boxing Club when I was there and knew he had great potential and have been lucky enough to have been there when he won his titles.
Jonny Downie Now a top class coach at the priestfield bc leaded me in my corner to my western dist title and Scottish title 🥊🥊
Margaret Taggart Downie My husband’s old sparring partner ,and very good friend
John Reeves Allan Linton, Peter Wylie, Paul Newlands, Christopher Lowe you’ll need to show this to big Tam. 👍🥊
Gerry Higgins some man TC , fellow coach at priestfield
Eleanor Connor Good for Thomas! 💚💛

James Campbell Uncle T

Stevie Mclean Not just a top boxer but a top man as well.
Kenny Beecroft I was driving down Sydes Brae last week and Tommy was Flying up on a bike . He’s a good bit bigger noo though haha 🥊🥊🥊

Peter Bannan A very good boxer and a top man.

Campbell James Cousin Tommy……Top man ..:-))

Michael Connor I work with TC cracking guy

Ian Campbell Great picture, thanks for sharing.

Stephen Kelly A gentleman and cracking coach

Jackie Maclennan Had no idea he started so young! It appears big TC was a wee cutie….great guy

Peter Wylie What a character


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