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Wade: A Touching story x2
Walker: Flora Walker – b1857 – d1902
Wallace: Hugh McKerrow Wallace – 1879 – 1958 x3 icon
Wallace: William Wallace & Margaret Thomson – 1915 x2 icon
Wallace: Margaret Wallace at Stoneymeadow x1
Walkinshaw: Walkinshaw – Fatality in 1925 x1 icon
Walter: Mr Thomas Walter – heart attack was ignored x1 icon
Walsh: Rest in Peace Michael W – 1901 x1
Ward: Mary Ann Ward – pickpocket 1914 x1
Warnock: David Warnock 1842 – 1910 x1 icon
Watson: Watsons from Priestfield – Car Accident blaze x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Watson: Watsons – at Joanna Terrace, some information x1 icon
Watson: Pre WW1 photo x1 icon
Watson: Alexander Watsonx1
Watson: Watsons leave – for Canada x3 icon
Watson: Alexander Watson of Auchentibber x1 icon
Watson: Mrs Mary Watson – postal worker x1 icon
Watson: Private Watson – passes in Africa 1901 x1
Waugh: Cllr Malcolm Waugh – d2012 x1 icon
Weaver: Betty Weaver at Victoria Street – shared by Betty Weaverx1 icon
Weaver: Betty Weaver & grandpa pick rhubarb– by Better Weaver x1 icon
Weaver: Jean & Elizabeth  – photo 1948 x1 icon
Weaver: Elizabeth Weaver – as baby x1 icon
Weaver: ‘Rover’ Weaver – the Weaver’s dog x1 icon
Weaver: Little Elizabeth Weaver – as child x1 icon
Weir: John T Weir – b1832-d1902 x1
Williams: Family of Helen Williams – 1948 x1 icon
Wilkie: Sandy Wilkie, MBE x1 icon
Wellington: Matthew Wellington – Attendant to David Livingstonex1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Whitefield: Whitefield Family – and Brownlea Cottage x2 icon
Wilkie: Margaret Wilkie – photo x1 icon
Wilkie: Peter Wilkie – photo x1 icon
Wilkie: Peter & Margaret Wilkie – Anniversary 1974 x1 icon
Wilson: Wilson Family – farmers at Auchentibber x1 icon
Wilson: Frederick John Cowan Wilson – Flying Ace from 1915 x2 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Wilson: Pride of the Tenement – Tommy Wilson returns from WW2x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Wilson: Ronald Paterson Wilson – of Parkville x1 icon
Wilson: Dr John Cowan Wilson – much respected Blantyre doctor x1 icon
Wilson: Lines on Dr Cowan Wilson – death x1 icon
Wilson: Coal Miner Robert Wilson 1887 – 1973 x1 icon
Wilson: Christina Wilson – b1889 x2 icon
Wilson: William Bauchop Wilson – life x1 icon
Wilson: Jeanie Wilson – b1907 x1 icon
Wilson: Elizabeth Hunter Wilson – b1829 -d 1871x1 icon
Wilson: John Wilson invited in Delegate, 1968 x1 icon
Wilson: Joseph Wilson – home on leave x1
Wotherspoon: John Wotherspoon b1855-d1945 x1

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