Joseph Cables, WW1 Soldier

Rosemary Montgomerie sent me these newspaper article about WW1 soldier, Blantyre man, Joseph Cables. 

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Evening Times 29th May 1915
Sergt. Cables, 4th Scottish Rifles, reported killed in action on 9th May. Resided at 49 Dixon Street, Blantyre and was a son-in-law of County Councillor Andrew McInulty, Blantyre. He leaves a wife and three of a family. Prior to proceeding to the front, Sergt. Cables figured in a plucky attempt at rescue, in the case of drowning of Private James Devine of the Scottish rifles, while on sentry duty at Messrs Beardmore and Co. shipyard at Dalmuir.

Evening Times 31st May 1915
Sergeant Joseph Cables, 2nd Scottish Rifles, who was killed in action on 7th May, was a Blantyre man. He was a reservist and had been for 10 years in the army and was called up in the early stages of the war. He had been in France since August. Sergeant Cables was 26 years of age and leaves a wife and two young children who reside at 49 Dixon Street.

The first report however, contained a couple of inaccuracies. Joseph did actually die on 7th May 1915 and left behind only 2 children. Another Blantyre young man remembered.

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Archie Peat In the aCameronians
Archie Peat In the Cameronian s , / Scottish Rifles the 1st and 2nd Battalions were professional soldiers , 3rd and 4th Batts. were Special Reserves , men who had served with colours and been discharged at end of engagement ,5th and 6th Batts were Territorial Army based in Glasgow ( 5th ) and Lanarkshire (6th) .Numbers above that were Replacement and Service Batts

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